Dominion's Redesign - Inside and Out

If you’ve been following Dominion Systems, you may already be aware that we have undergone some recent changes. Not only has our physical workspace drastically changed, but so has our space in the cloud – with both spaces being cleaned up and improved.

Thinking back, it seems quite ironic that when we decided it was time to change things up and make a cleaner, more collaborative environment, we weren’t just referring to what our new desks would look like. We were also referring to what our software would look like, from the inside out. As work crews began the construction of our new space, our development team started to design the new infrastructure of our software. As new scaffolding was built for a new staircase, so was the architecture of our code base. This will allow for more seamless communication between our products like payroll, time & attendance, our benefits portal (coming soon), as well as outside products that are vital to our clients.

Our API (Application Programming Interface) focused infrastructure not only offers this collaborative use of products but also makes use of exciting new technologies and design patterns like AngularJSMVC and the use of Separation of Concerns.  And we can’t forget about quality driven processes like TDD (Test Driven Development) that allow us to create solutions that not only look good, but work even better.

So what does this all mean to our clients? It means new features in our software! Dynamic messaging that fades away when no longer needed, an updated workflow that’s built to think more like an HR administrator rather than an IT developer, and even the chance to play an active role in the development of our software.

As we prepare to move to our new desks and test out the “comfy-ness” of the couch in one of the new collaborative spaces, clients may evaluate their own level of comfort during the beta release of our Employee Self Service portal. Keep in mind, this is just the beginning as our construction continues to refine and redesign the solutions offered by Dominion Systems.