Don’t Outsource Your Payroll!

Wait, did I hear that correctly? Don’t outsource my payroll? That doesn’t make any sense. Why would a payroll company tell me that? I am glad you asked and my hope is that I can help bring some clarity to the whole payroll outsourcing issue.

There are two misconceptions that are in circulation these days. The first is that payroll companies are here to take the jobs of the people who do a company’s payroll. The second is, “since I am using a payroll company I don’t have to worry about anything related to my payroll.”

If you find yourself in either one of these camps or another, I wanted to at least clear the air and explain how we, Dominion Systems, help companies with their payroll.

Empowering Payroll Administrators through SaaS

Using a payroll software doesn’t mean you are outsourcing your company’s payroll. Our approach is to get great software into the hands of professionals doing payroll. The way we do this is through SaaS, which enables payroll administrators to have more control over the entire payroll process. They are now able to delegate tasks while accessing the software on any device, anywhere, at any time. Payroll administrators can now be more effective in the management of their company’s payroll process.

SaaS is accessible via a web browser:

  • No more downloading software
  • No more needing to purchase new software because yours is out of date
  • No more purchasing of licenses
  • Access data through an internet browser
  • No data storage limits
  • No need for paper
  • Communicate quickly all the important information to your entire workforce
  • Employees can now access their information

Employee-Centric Companies use SaaS

SaaS will help your company become more employee-centric. Your employees will be able to access and keep all their pay and personal information up-to-date. This helps companies value their employees while also allowing administrators to get rid of stacks of paper employee files. SaaS is a way for you to invest in your entire workforce regardless of them being an administrator, manager, or employee.

SaaS allows your employees to access:

  • Paycheck information
  • W-2 information
  • Personal information
  • Schedules
  • PTO requests & balances
  • Punching in & out

Efficient Processes with SaaS

SaaS provides companies with a way to manage their entire back office efficiently by automating all the different tasks related to accounting, payroll, time and attendance, as well as human resources. Companies can complete all of these tasks with either a single provider or multiple. Most providers are now able to integrate seamlessly with one another, which allows for you to find the best software for your processes.

SaaS helps you to automate and integrate processes:

  • Payroll deductions
  • Direct Deposits
  • Payroll reports
  • W-2s
  • 940 & 941 tax filing
  • Time & Attendance
  • Timecard authorization
  • EEOC
  • OSHA
  • HR info tracking
  • Open Enrollment
  • Performance Reviews
  • Trainings
  • Expenses

Almost every single company is using some sort of software to complete their payroll process. Using a payroll company doesn’t mean you are outsourcing your company’s payroll. Rather you are automating your processes with a single solution or by integrating with other software providers. Payroll software companies also provide the services of automated tax filing and W-2 distribution. If you are using an installed software or network based software I would highly recommend looking into using SaaS with a payroll software company. You will have more control as a payroll administrator, your employees will feel valued, and you will be more efficient in your processes.