ESS: The Software of Our Lives


What do Hot Pockets, mobile banking, and travel mugs all have in common? Efficiency, convenience, and effectiveness.

Whether you’re helping craft a quick dinner, transferring money on the go, or bringing an early morning latte to the kids’ soccer practice, these items were all created in hopes of simplifying just one aspect of our otherwise busy and stressful lives. Employee Self Service (ESS) is no different.

Instead of employees enduring hold ups in PTO requests, lag in searching for, finding, or viewing paystubs/W2/other critical employee info, and limited clocks located throughout an organization, simple tasks that used to take as long as getting a license renewal at the DMV can be completed at the click of a button. ESS’ web-based design allows employees to access, manage, and review important information anywhere they have internet connection, even if it’s in the middle of the cereal aisle at the grocery store.

However, ESS doesn’t just simplify the work lives of employees; ESS offers a multitude of benefits for an organization’s Human Resources Department too. Gone are the days of handwritten sheets to request vacation, keeping track of the many verbal questions from employees concerning payroll, and bottlenecks at the clock machines. ESS releases HR from suffocating busywork and gives them the freedom to focus on the actual people of the organization and larger issues at hand (and save a few trees while they’re at it).

ESS promotes efficiency and transparency throughout an entire company and places the responsibility of various HR processes directly in the hands of the people they impact. Just like the convenience of a pre-made dinner helps maximize time during a busy day, ESS allows employees to spend less time figuring out minute details and more time engaging in the workplace.

Effectively utilizing an employee self service system continuously pays dividends for both the employer and employee, as it leads to happier, more productive employees.

But ESS isn’t just the “right” choice for a particular business—the great thing about ESS is that it enhances ALL types of work environments, whether you run a sandwich shop or a baby clothing boutique. Though each organization is inherently unique and may approach HR practices differently, ESS offers a wide variety of options that can cater to a business’s specific HR needs. ESS can allows employees to view their schedule, manage paid-time-off, access all pay information, and much, much more.

So why should we care about ESS, and why is it so important? Failing to maximize on ESS limits the capabilities of an business. ESS allows businesses to work more efficiently and establishes a sense of dependability and organization within a business. Not only does it increases employee independence and overall productivity, but it also identifies a business as continually seeking improvement and innovation in how it handles important information.

ESS is a great option for organizations, no matter the size. For more information, check out:

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