5 Reasons to "Leaf" Paper Behind: The Benefits of Paperless Payroll

When a company decides to “go green,” most people envision new recycling bins, the CEO planting trees in the front yard, and biodegradable silverware in the break room--maybe they even invest in solar panels and give employees who drive electric cars small bonuses. However, one of the most popular initiatives for promoting an environmentally friendly office is of course— having a paperless office.

Reducing (or eliminating) the use of paper in a workplace significantly cuts down on the amount of trees being sacrificed in order to create meeting notes, paystubs, stat sheets, PTO requests, etc.

It doesn’t end there, however.

While saving trees is never a bad idea, many people fail to realize that going paperless, especially for payroll, has a positive impact that extends further than visibly demonstrating an organization cares about the world. Going paperless involves benefits beyond simply becoming environmentally conscientious, and any company thinking about going paperless should consider these benefits too.


Having information stored online makes an organization easily reachable by its employees. Anytime an employee has access to Internet, they have the ability to check punch history, review their paystubs, or update personal information. Instead of continually pestering HR about PTO or paystub discrepancies, this information is at an employee’s fingertips and empowers them to update and review personal information themselves. This accessibility also allows HR to quickly fill requests, spend more time focusing on larger issues, and promote trust and transparency within an organization.


Though everybody loves payday, nobody likes standing in line waiting to deposit the check. When a company chooses to integrate SaaS software into their structure, a whole new world of convenient online additions appears. Instead of HR walking around to hand out checks, direct deposit puts the money instantly into the accounts of employees, eliminating the need to visit the bank or waste paper. Storing paystubs and time sheets online also allows employees to review past pay periods anytime they wish and provides a solid resource to use for reference when employees question their check.

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Cost Savings

Obviously, going paperless throughout an organization significantly decreases the amount of money being spent on paper—it removes the need to print business cards, meeting notes, or paystubs. Normal office supplies like ink cartridges, paper clips, and printers are no longer in high demand and filing cabinets and stacks of manila folders aren’t in use.


The cost savings aren’t limited to just monetary funds, however. Going paperless decreases demands for time and energy as well. Instead of printing dozens of paystubs, W-2s, and other important documents, these can be stored online and instantly be delivered electronically. Searching for old punch history doesn’t involve digging through mountains of filing cabinets—it’s a simple process that dispels inconsistencies in a matter of minutes. Requesting vacation, updating an address, or alerting the entire company of a mandatory meeting is possible in just a few clicks.


Just a few years ago, the Grand River flooded our area and a major university lost a basement full of paper files to the destruction of flooding. If they had all these files online, this costly loss could have been avoided— storing everything online provides a safe environment that’s protected from all sorts of mishaps. Additionally, passwords and software settings restrict who can see what information, further protecting personal information of employees from prying eyes.

So, still wondering if going paperless is right for your organization? That’s ok—it’s a big decision! However, choosing to put important information in a secure, convenient cloud will have innumerable benefits for your organization no matter the size, type, or mission. Going paperless not only enlists your organization alongside thousands of others in the fight to save our world’s forests, but it also promotes security, efficiency, and accessibility within your workplace like never before.

Our world is speeding towards a workplace dominated by online empowerment- don’t get left behind to drown in a sea of overflowing filing cabinets.