Giving Back to Your Employees This Holiday Season

It’s official, Halloween is over and we are on our way to Thanksgiving; a holiday made up of family and friends who come together to pay thanks to one another for the moments they share throughout the year. This is a time of thoughtfulness and taking note of the kindness and sacrifice of others. While this holiday is usually reserved for those closest to us, we can go one step further and remember the people who fill our lives for 40+ hours during the week. You know who I’m talking about - the ones who pick up the slack when we’re under the weather; the ones who go the extra mile to make sure we have what we need to get the job done; and even the ones who simply provide encouragement when it’s needed. Let’s not forget those individuals who have been so crucial to our success. 

Whether you’re an employee looking to recognize a fellow coworker or an employer seeking to reward the entire team, there are many ways you can go about thanking those around you. As we get further and further into technology the value of a handwritten note grows increasingly more meaningful. If you’re at a loss for how to approach someone, start with a note. This works especially well if you are more of an introvert because it allows you to express yourself without really pulling you too far out of your comfort zone. Don’t have time to physically write out a note? Type a simple “thank you” note on your employees’ pay stubs to show your gratitude. 

If you’re trying to show a fellow colleague that you appreciate them there are many ways you can do so. One of the best ways to express your gratitude to a colleague is to donate a paid day off to them. If your company allows this you can simply reach out to your manager and ask them to remove a day of your paid time off (PTO) and re-assign those hours to your colleague of choice. Nothing says ‘Thank You’ like the gift of a day to relax and unwind. 

Another great way to give back is to simply volunteer with your colleagues. Company-wide (or department-wide) volunteering events are becoming more and more popular as Millennials move into the workforce. What better way to give thanks than to donate your time to your community? Here at Dominion we are encouraged to do so and are even awarded what we call ‘Volunteer Time Off” (VTO). Each year our employees can use 16 hours during scheduled business time to give back in those in need. It allows us to bond with one another while also doing good for others. 

Giving thanks is such a simple gesture, but the impact can be larger than you even know. This season make sure to take the time to give back to those who continuously give to you; after all everyone just wants to be recognized in the end.