Group Scheduling to Maximize Your Manpower

When you think of a time and attendance software, what do you think of? The ease of capturing employee hours? Employee punches automatically flowing into payroll? Or how about the many ways that you can capture those punches? Time clocks, PC punch, biometric finger readers, but one thing you probably didn’t know is how your time and attendance software can help you make the most out of your workforce. Group scheduling helps you plan out what shifts you need covered and who is available to fill those shifts. Even better than that, these schedules can be saved for future use. 

Plan a Static Schedule

The best way to make your scheduling more efficient is to have ‘standard’ time slots that you know you will use each week. For example, if you run a cafe and your hours on Monday are 6:30a-8p, you can split the day into a few shifts and continue to use that strategy each week. This will make it easier for your managers to schedule employees because they don’t have to figure out what times need to be worked, rather just how many employees need to work at a given time. 

Schedule out Employees

Now that you have your time slots set up and you know how many employees you need for each shift, you can begin scheduling out those employees. Your time and attendance software should allow you to see what employees you have available, letting you simply click and drag that employee's name to place on the schedule. Once you add an employee to a given time slot, you will see the number of employees needed for that time decrease. 

Save and Publish Schedule

Once you have filled up open shifts and are happy with your schedule you can save and publish it for employees to access it. If you are working with another manager to create a schedule and need approval before publishing, simply save it and you can go back at a later time to publish. Saving a schedule doesn’t make it viewable by employees, only publishing will. Please keep in mind, all time and attendance softwares will be different, so if you have questions about your software, it is best to contact your provider. 

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