Happier Holidays with Leave Management

It’s the holiday season again and your employees are taking time off. If you don’t have an employee self service portal in place with a leave management system, requesting and approving time off can be quite a messy experience for both employees and managers. Employees may have thought they communicated their vacation plans to management or could have miscalculated their personal time off hours. Managers or supervisors may have missed requests, or overlapped or left gaps in their scheduling, but with a solid leave management system in place incidents like those will help eliminate human error by adding three fundamental benefits that will keep PTO requests and hours on track.

PTO Hours are Automatically Updated

Leave management is an excellent way to keep your employees on track with how much time they have left and are given throughout the year. Employees can view their time accrued, taken, and what is available or pending all in one place. Using an online leave management system is a precise, accurate, and very transparent way for your employees to control their own paid time off. At the beginning of the year, employees and supervisors can see how many hours have accrued per individual so everyone can plan accordingly for any vacation time to be taken during the year.

Requesting Time Off is Easy

Not only is it convenient for employees, but a quality leave management system is convenient for managers who approve employee paid time off (PTO) requests. It can allow your company to move toward becoming paperless which can save your business money. Receiving electronic requests can vastly reduce your paperwork and time as well. If time off is needed abruptly such as a sick day or another unplanned event, workers can send a PTO request to their manager which can quickly be approved. No phone call or email is necessary so employees don’t have to worry on receiving a response.

Better Organization for Group Scheduling

Most cloud-based leave management systems will have a group scheduling feature. This allows for a quick overview of which employees are working each shift. This feature is especially helpful in situations where you need to replace an employee for a particular shift. Let’s say an employee calls in sick leaving a particular shift under staffed, instead of rushing to the phone to find a replacement who will take the shift, you can use the group scheduling feature. It will give you a view of who is already working and what time they are working. By utilizing this feature, you can achieve better coordination within your organization and stop stressing out over people calling in on short notice.

Instead of focusing on leave management you can now focus on more important things, your holiday time! If you want to learn more about Dominion Systems’ leave management system click the link below.