How Dominion Uses Our New Applicant Tracking System

We have 50 or so employees across a few departments. Each department, whether hiring for a new salesperson or hiring for someone in operations, uses our applicant tracking system. We all use it in a little different way, but it continues to be an effective way to help us in our hiring process. Here are a few of the reasons internally why we love our product.

It keeps a candidate pipeline

One of the hardest parts of managing or running a successful business is keeping a candidate pipeline. When an employee moves on to a different company, it can be hard to replace that employee in an efficient and timely manner. We use our ATS to keep a candidate pipeline that enables us to quickly hire and on-board new employees. On average, to replace an entry level employee it can cost between 30% and 50% of their annual salary. That only increases for mid-level or high-level. 

We try to keep a candidate pipeline that we work continuously. When an applicant applies online we review their resume and profile immediately. We will move them from ‘applicant’ to ‘candidate’ if they seem like they have the skill set to work here. This allows us to not have to ‘wait’ for applicants to apply for our jobs. By being proactive, we are avoiding being reactive.

It coordinates our hiring process (hiring workflow)

The process of hiring someone can be very complex and involve multiple steps and multiple people. For example, this is the process our marketing team goes through every time we expand our team to add a new team member.

30 minute phone interview that involves one team member
One hour Interview at our office with two team members
Two separate interviews with our CEO and marketing manager

As you can see from our process, we have a lot of moving parts. Our hiring process takes 2-3 weeks and we start from a candidate pool of roughly 40 applicants for the first phone interview. Who conducts that initial phone interview is contingent upon schedules. Since we have a hiring workflow we can manage this process internally without any hiccups.

Email correspondence is a key factor in helping us with our process. If we reject a candidate, we have the option to automatically send them an email. It can be from a template, depending on the job, and you have the option of customizing it. This enables us to make sure that we tie up any loose ends and are respectful of the candidates and their time.

Dashboard Analytics 

Now onto my favorite part, the analytical side. It’s great to be able to use an applicant tracking system to hire someone, what is even better is the ability to plan ahead accordingly. In our software we have an analytical dashboard. We can track the average time it takes to hire someone, specific rejection reasons, how many candidates we have in our pipeline, and many more from one single view. This allows our managers to be proactive when making hires and allows them to plan ahead if they need new employees.

Our hiring process is always continuing to evolve, similar to how our company is evolving. Using our applicant tracking system to monitor our candidate pipeline allows our managers and our company the ability to make the decisions based on analytical data. 

If you are interested in learning more about Dominion's applicant tracking service, click the link below.