How Employee Self Service Can Help You Reduce Time and Increase Efficiency

The older I get, the more I realize how important time is and how it goes by so quickly! Sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day for me to get my work done, but let’s be honest, sometimes the day can seem never-ending. In the workplace, time is very important and delegating how you use it is a necessity. Depending on the nature of your job, some tasks might take longer to complete than others, which can sometimes put us behind. As an HR professional, you deal with employees on a daily basis. They sometimes come up to you with issues, questions, and so on, and you have to pause whatever you are doing and take care of them. Did you know that you could create more time in your day and become more efficient in your process simply by using the employee self-service (ESS) feature of your software?

ESS frees up your time because it allows employees to instantly access their information. This means employees can:

  • Access their pay stubs
  • Punch in and out
  • Request an update to their address and other personal information
  • Add life events
  • Request time off
  • Update emergency contact information

By giving your employees access to their information, you automatically add more time for your own tasks and in return can be more efficient. Now the HR department can focus on hiring, onboarding, training, and set up employee benefits. What’s more, you are enabling HR to focus on things such as company culture and increasing employee morale and productivity.

There are Many Benefits

Allowing employees to update their own files ensures better accuracy of the information and it is something they can do from anywhere with an internet connection.There are many benefits associated with employee self-service software such as updating information seamlessly. It frees up time for the HR department. It allows managers to use group scheduling. HR processes get done faster. It empowers employees, and so on. Would you rather have one employee trying to keep track of all your employees’ personal information, or would you rather give your employees access to update their information instantaneously? Employee self-service makes more sense.

Unify Multiple Locations

If your business has several locations, then you may see even more of a benefit from an employee self-service feature. It allows open communication between multiple locations by allowing you to do so via the ESS platform. Imagine you are a manager who is trying to schedule your employees and you have certain employees at location “A” while other employees are needed at location “B”. Employee self-service is a one-stop shop for group scheduling because it allows you to see who is available to work, and who is already scheduled at a certain time. This saves time because it eliminates the need to go through paperwork to see who has put in for time off and who is already scheduled to work. In some cases, ESS will even alert you if you are trying to schedule an employee to work on a day that they have already been approved to have off. ESS simplifies the scheduling process because it gives you a snapshot of what employees you have scheduled for what days and what hours. This also works to make sure employees are not getting too much overtime, which can be a great way to keep within your budget.

Increase ROI

The biggest benefit of utilizing an ESS system for a business owner is the fact that it can save a lot of money in the long run. ESS allows HR to spend more time working on bigger tasks as opposed to spending valuable time updating records and looking up how much vacation time an employee has. Enabling employees to access their personal information can eliminate the need to go to HR for minor questions and concerns. This kind of solution increases productivity across the board, meaning your employees are optimizing their time in the most efficient manner. Employee self-service essentially eliminates the middleman and provides a direct source for all things payroll and Human Resources.

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