How Event Marketing Can Help You Build an Effective HR Brand

This post was written by Ellen Lawton

Winning the battle for the top talent has become nearly impossible in many industries due to companies valuing their employees more than ever before. And the battle for the best talent requires fresh ways of cooperation within a company.

For decades, marketing - especially event marketing - and human resources have always been in a mutually respectful relationship but somewhat detached, as if they had nothing to do with each other. But in recent years, as companies search for new ways to attract talented people, a relationship between these two departments is becoming a better idea. But how exactly do these two relate in the common battle for talent?

Aligning the brand

While branding and raising brand awareness as well as the business reputation has always been one of the main tasks of the marketing departments, true branding and a good reputation can only come from aligning the satisfaction of a customer to the satisfaction of an employee. The firm's culture and everyone involved have to be on board with the branding and spread the same message around if you truly want to win the talent war. Your company culture is your brand regardless of what your branding campaign says.

There is no point in having satisfied customers if your employees are not satisfied and are spreading the wrong image of your company. “Marketing and HR should work together to ensure that what marketing and branding campaigns - the things consumers see - are aligned with the reality of everyday operations and the internal culture of the company. Your outside branding should align and come from the branding within the company”, - explains Lilia Lozano, a Marketing manager at Writemyx and Origin writings.

Entice internal communication

Employee engagement has become increasingly more important time goes by. Nowadays, it's one of the main HR tasks. But as one of the main roles of marketing and event marketing is the communication with the outside world, the communication with the employees should be no exception. If the two departments work together, HR can boost their internal communication by leveraging event marketing knowledge and expertise. Every mean of communication with the employees - including employee events - should be strengthened with the collaboration with the marketing team.

Build a recruitment marketing machine

Nowadays, companies aren't limited to job boards in finding best talent for themselves. Large companies are now realizing that building a relationship between the two departments can mean building a powerful marketing machine aimed at drawing new employees in. Attracting and engaging with a potential employee isn't that much different than attracting and engaging with a new client. Event Marketing can create opportunities for HR to find and engage with young professionals in the field.

Company-wide marketing mindset

Every employee has some kind of role in the marketing of the company. For instance, just like employees provide amplification of the firms social media efforts they can also develop a marketing mindset among them and bring value to the company. Events where employees talk to top talent and share their experiences with them can be of extreme value to the company.

Employees as social brand advocate

As mentioned, employees can provide the amplification of your social media efforts immediately and effectively. Kathryn Hill, a Brand Manager at 1Day2write comments: “Employee advocacy can truly increase your overall traffic and sales. A collaboration between the HR and the event marketing seems more and more appealing.”

Strange partnership that works

While these two departments might seem like they have nothing in common, the truth is that they do and that they could do a lot for each other. Hopefully these points will help you understand on which levels they could connect and how it could benefit the entire company.

Ellen Lawton is a marketing writer and editor at Academic brits. She helps companies create successful marketing strategies and shares her experience at online marketing magazines and blogs.