How Software is Changing the HR Industry

Software is changing how industries, companies, and even departments work. The payroll and HR industries are no different. HR administrators everywhere are making the conscious decision to go paperless, use ESS (employee self-service), and even getting rid of using old-school spreadsheets to track employee information. You’re convinced a HR software could help your business, but now you have to convince your boss. Here are a few simple ideas to present to your boss that will help you.


Other departments of your business are utilizing software to become more transparent. Your customer service department logs every incoming call or request, your sales team follows up on leads and documents the sales process, so it isn’t logical that you would still use personal spreadsheets that others don’t have access to. Being able to run reports quickly for your boss, or even better yet, having him/her run the reports can help you stay on the same page. Transparency can build trust within departments and individuals, leading to long term success for your teams.


This has become an increasing problem in many departments, not just HR. HR professionals now have multiple responsibilities – hiring, firing, performance reviews and even payroll. Having software that can help document and keep track of all your responsibilities would save you an immense amount of time. Now that you have saved a ton of time, you can focus on more strategic HR initiatives. Concentrating on improving your onboarding process, establishing a great company culture, and creating performance reviews are much more important than documenting everything in a spreadsheet. By using HR software, your company will be better at hiring and retaining key assets in your company.


It is necessary to safely and securely track all your employee information. It is no longer necessary to keep paper files that can get lost in a filing cabinet or left out on desk for other employees to see. People misplace papers all the time and forget to shred important documents. It is now much easier and safer to track employee information in the cloud.

Software is transforming industries, departments, and even teams creating transparencies, freeing up time, and changing the way we track employee information. For more information on how Dominion can help you with your HR process, request a quote.