How Softwares’ UI/UX Helps Run an Efficient Payroll

Anyone who has experienced managing a company payroll understands the dynamic challenges of the job. With so many aspects included in the process, there is plenty of room to get lost along the road to payday. This is why having a user friendly program that optimizes the payroll process is crucial to employers. How do these software programs continue to stay fast, relevant, and easy to use? It’s all about the user experience behind and user interface in front of the software itself.

What is it?

User experience or UX can be defined as the overall experience you have when you are using or interacting with something (most commonly associated with some form of technology). User experience is “concerned with all aspects of the user’s experience when interacting with the product, service, environment or facility”.

A good UX usually comes from a well-organized user interface (UI) which is how a user interacts with a particular interface or device. Ease of use and control over the device (in this case payroll software) dictates how well the UI was constructed. All leading to a good UX.

How does it help?

Having payroll software with natural functionality and quality design can help keep your workers happy while streamlining operations for those in charge of payroll workflow. Payroll software utilizing strong UX and UI will incorporate a variety of functions and applications, helping users save time while increasing accuracy and decreasing risk. The goal is for payroll personnel to be spending less time on processing. A better interface and user experience allows for them to go in and do what’s needed as quickly as possible so they can move onto other things.

Why should you care?

With a friendly interface, even the most complicated facets of payroll are made easy to manage. This is because all of the different functions are separated in a logical way making things easy to find and accomplish. An easier workflow will cut the payroll process significantly down, saving time, and in turn, saving money.

(Source: IRIS Software and Services)
These software platforms are designed to be highly intuitive, so the learning curve to run the program is very low. Everyone benefits from strong UI/UX because it not only helps business owners financially, but it also assists HR and payroll employees in completing daily tasks quickly and efficiently.