How the Right Leader Adds Value to Their Team

Whether we are talking sports or business we all know a good leader is crucial to success. Where would PepsiCo be without Indra Nooyi pushing for healthier initiatives? Where would you be without the encouragement of that one boss all those years ago? What I mean is we work our best when we have a leader who we can count on, someone who pushes us to grow and think outside of the box. Being that leader for your employees can make a world of difference within your organization and culture.

A Good Leader Curates Growth

Growing your employees is synonymous with growing your organization. One thing I will never forget is talking to my hiring manager about my new role in the company and hearing him say how he wants me to learn and grow so that I will not only be valuable in my current position, but a valuable part of any company later on. This type of mentality should be the standard.

Trust Your Employees

Once your employees get their footing within the company and have a solid understanding of what their role is you need to let them take the reins. If you trust that you hired the right person and trained them well they should be empowered to make their own decisions. Give them projects that allow them to be creative and expand on their own skills. No one likes to be micro-managed, although collaboration is highly encouraged.

Be the Voice of Your Team

A big part of being a leader is being able to speak up for your team when needed. If your team is concerned about a recent change it is your duty to take it up with management. Leaders should act as a “buffer” to get the groups message across while keeping peace across the organization.
Being that leader for your employees can make a world of difference within your organization, much like how Indra Nooyi has grown to be such a valuable leader at PepsiCo. Want to know how you can create a better team of leaders? Join us for a free educational webinar and learn how.