How to Automate Your Time Card Calculations

Have you ever stopped and thought about all the manual processes you do every day? Whether it be washing dishes, or mowing the lawn, our days are full of tedious, manual work. There are some things that have probably become ‘automatic’ to some extent, for example, tying your shoes. You know in order to get out the door you need to put your shoes on and tie them, but the task has become monotonous  to say the least. For other manual processes it makes sense to automate in order to increase efficiency and cut down on the energy it takes to complete the process. One thing we see a lot in the payroll, HR, and timekeeping industries is payroll and HR professionals manually calculating time cards. 

The Problem With Manual Time Card Calculations

By far the biggest risk in manually calculating time cards is the room for error. Miscalculating can result in overpaying, or underpaying your employees. According to the American Payroll Association the estimated percentage for human error in computing time cards is between 1% and 8%. If this occurs in your payroll and you have to reconcile checks, that could come at a price.

How to Eliminate Manually Calculating Time Cards

Many small businesses stray from time and attendance software because they believe the cost is too high, however, they fail to see the savings in it all. Take into account the amount of time your employees spend adding up hours worked, and translating those hours into payables while also deducting taxes and other figures from pay. This entire process can be streamlined with the right payroll and time and attendance system in place. If you don’t think your company can afford it, do your research, get some quotes from providers you are interested in and go from there.

Simplify Your Time Keeping

Once you’ve decided on a time and attendance software, you and your employees will begin reaping the benefits instantly. Whether it is the ease of clocking in, or the seamless flow of information from your timekeeping software to your payroll, there is something in it for everyone. The perks of time and attendance software don’t simply end at that, with the proper software you can automate much more than calculations; suddenly you have the ability to pull reports on overtime, employees who have punched in late, or who have missing punches, and much more. 

While initially you might be searching for a software that can simply eliminate the need to manually calculate time cards, the rewards go far beyond that. If you’re interested in learning more, watch a demo on our time and attendance software.