How to Boost Employee Engagement Through Payroll

If you’re currently with a payroll provider you probably know the ‘extras’ that come along with the software; features like employee self service (ESS), leave management, and so on. These extra features can go a long way to aid you in showing your employees their value. If you’re not currently using ESS or leave management I highly encourage you look into them. Certain payroll providers offer them at little or no cost. Dominion clients: ESS is a free tool offered in our base level package. Regardless, here are a few ways your payroll software can boost your employee engagement in ways you may have never thought of. 

Using the Memo Tool

I think one of the most under-utilized tools is the ability to add in a memo on your employees’ pay stub. In my opinion a little recognition goes a long way. Simply putting a note on a certain employee’s check to express your appreciation for their work can be the encouragement they need to continue going above and beyond. Some managers may feel uncomfortable approaching their staff to express appreciation; the memo feature is a great way around that because it still lets the employee know they are a valued member of the team, while also keeping you in your comfort zone. 

The Convenience of ESS

ESS is really the hub for anything and everything employee related. It gives your employees the freedom to check their pay stubs, change their address, add a life event, and so much more. Many times when I need to update my benefits, or change the percentage of my pay that goes to my savings account, I don’t even have to talk to anyone; I simply log into my ESS and request the changes. That change request then goes to our office manager and after she reviews and accepts it, I am done. It is virtually painless. 

PTO the Easy Way

Depending on your current process, requesting time off can be a big hassle. Especially if you’re handling paper requests. Leave management is a seamless way to make sure you receive any and all time off requests and keep track of employee’s vacation time. When a request comes through the employee’s manager will get an email notification of the request and the manager can then go into the payroll software and either approve or deny the request. Once there is an action taken on the request the employee will be notified via email as well. The email correspondence keeps everyone informed and aware of the status of the request. 

Interested in how you can boost your employee engagement through payroll software? Request a demo with Dominion to find out!