How to do Integrated Background Screening with Dominion and Verified First

A couple weeks ago we hosted a webinar with our newest partner, Verified First, about how their software integrates with ours. You can read on to learn more about what our partnerships entail, or watch the webinar here.


Presenter: Ian Bellais

How We Integrate with Dominion

Let's start with how we do what we do. This is going to be a little technical, but I do think you guys need to understand a little bit about how we integrate with Dominion because it is very different and it goes towards how fast you can set yourselves up with Verified First within the Dominion platform.

First of all, we don't use what's called an API integration. That's a very technically advanced way of integrating, it takes a lot of time and it costs a lot of money. Typically, when companies do API integrations, they'll charge the customers a fee for that integration because it takes a lot of support and a lot of resources to get that integration done in the first place. The way we do our integrations instead is we're mapping to the HTML code. I kind of wanted to show you that really quick, just so you understand what I'm talking about. Behind this page, you will see that there are some HTML codes. I'm going to show that to you right now. This is the code, and basically what we're doing is we're scooping up data out of this code that will allow our candidates to complete screen. For example, we look for email addresses. If you notice right here, this is our candidate’s email address, hank We're scraping up that data and we're pre-populating the fields that we're using for, the background screens so that the candidate, or the HR employee, doesn't have to refill out that information even though it already exists within the platform. It feels very integrated. It's going to feel like you're doing everything from within Dominion, although in actuality, you're doing it kind of on top of the Dominion platform. I think you'll get it as we go through the presentation. You don't need to worry about it.

How to Get Started with Verified First

The way you do that is either in your Chrome browser, a Firefox browser, Microsoft Edge browser, or Opera browser. You go to the web store and you download an extension or plugin. It's really easy to do. For example, on Chrome, you just go to look for Verified First and you find our app. Now, I've already downloaded the app so it just says “Rated” here on that green button, and the extension is that green box right here in the upper right-hand corner. To download the app all you do is click "Add to Chrome," and then you'll see that extension appear in the upper right-hand corner of your browser, it takes about three seconds to do. What happens within Dominion is the "Verify Screen" box will appear. That button is our button, and we've injected into the Dominion platform. What when you click on that verified screen button? This page appears from the right-hand corner. Right now I am going to log out because I want you to see what the button looks like when you first start.

When you first start, we'll provide you with a username and password. You'll click on that login button and you'll log into our platform through the extension. Now you're ready to go. After that, the button will revert back to reading "Verify Screen". What the button is doing, it's a smart button, and it's looking at our unique data on Hank Mess. It's looking at things like the email address or candidate number, anything that's unique to Hank. If the button is asking, "Have I done a background screen for Hank Mess for this company?" and the answer is "no", that button reads, "Verify Screen" and it tells you, as the HR person, that you can now do a background screen on Hank. So again, you click the button, the page comes out, and Hank Mess and his email address has been pre-populated into to those fields. Now, a couple things to note. Right now, the warning says that the email address is likely invalid. We look at every single email address that's put into the field and we'll let you know whether it's a valid or invalid email address. This email address isn't even valid, it's not a real one. For purposes though, it's good to know this stuff because if a candidate has put in an email they've fat fingered somehow, it tells you that you've got to go and correct that, so you know when you're communicating with the candidate that you're actually using the proper email. The other thing that we've added is we now require a middle name or initial. So, if I try to do anything without that middle name or initial, it won't let me do it. You need to just click "None",  that way it'll allow you to move forward.

Ways to do Background Screens

We're going to show you two different ways to do these background screens. The first way I'm going to show you is the email invite.The first thing you want to do is you want to look at the package that you want to use. For clarification for those that don't know, a “package” is a bundle of screens that you're going to use, usually for a certain job type that you're hiring for. Those screens are going to be reflective of the kind of job that the employee is going to be doing. For example, they're going to be a driver. You're probably going to have motor vehicle screens in there. If they are some kind of healthcare employee, you're going to do "Medex Complete", something like that. If they're going to be handling money and finances, you might have in your screen federal criminal records, federal credit records, or civil records. Those are all choices you can make and, for us, when you choose a package that will show you what screens are in that package and if for any reason you feel like you need to add a screen for Hank, in particular, you could do that by just clicking on one of the white boxes that aren't checked. It is very easy to change an edit, but you have to have permission to do this. When you do have those permissions, you can do that on the fly. That is a huge difference between us and our competitors. No one else really allows you that flexibility. If you wanted to add a screen to a package, you would actually have to call the background screening company and request it. We just let you do it on the fly. I'm going to show you more about packages in a minute but that's just one thing that's really different about us.

Now that you're ready to go, you just send an email invite out to Hank, Hank gets the email, and it shows you here that you're in stage one with that green bar and you're waiting on the applicant. Now, if I exit out of this and I go back to the employee page, the button now also tells me that I'm waiting for the applicant. It's updating me and it allows me to do a couple of things. One, I can resend the invite if for some reason Hank's not responding. Two, I can withdraw the invite as he's taking too long. Lastly, I can even place a new order right from this button.

I'm going to withdraw the invite because I want to keep going with his background screen. I'm going to show you another way of doing it so we can actually get to an end result. Hank is not going to respond to this because he's not a real person. So let's go back to "Verify Screen" and start all over. We've chosen our package, I said there's no middle name, so we're not going to use that, and I'm going to hit "next". All right, so if you look at this, because all this information already exists within Dominion, we've already scraped up the date of birth, social security number, home address, city, and state. I don't need to fill out anything, I'm ready to go and I just hit "next" again. What you get now is the "Summary Order" page. This shows you the applicant's name, a phone, social security number, birth date, and address. If any of that is wrong, you can edit it right from here. If it's right, you just click "Order Search". Now, you have not necessarily gotten an authorization form yet. This is probably something you've gotten in paper form instead of doing it electronically. You need to certify by checking this box that you have that form, or if you'd like to upload that form so that we save it for you. This is the point which you can do that, you just select the file and you upload it. It will save that authorization form for you. This box that certifies that you have everything you need and it needs to be checked before you can actually order the search.

From here you can add to the order or place a new order once again.In other words, if you've done a partial screen and you now think, “Ok I want to separate my drug screens from everything else I'm doing”, you could place a new order and do drug screens. In this case, we just have one order, one report I can click on "View Report", and the report shows up right here. This is when you would start adjudicating that report, looking at it and see if Hank passed the requirements. That's something really important to understand from this point on if I ever go back to Hank's page, it's going to let me know I have that report. If he applies for another job within the organization, you'll know that the report is already there and you won't have to do another screen for Hank. Again, you can always go back and search report anytime you'd like.

The last step is to do the adjudication. You are either going to approve Hank, or you can take what's called "pre-adverse action" and you're going to tell Hank that you're probably not going to hire him. You can do this right from our platform. You can either approve them and send out an email or print a letter that says they have been approved, or you can send out an email or print the letter and send it manually, or you can ask us to mail this letter for you. We'll deliver it right from our own location. Once Hank gets the letter, he now has six days to respond. In six days Hank has to either do nothing or respond and say he doesn't think his report is correct. He can contact Verified First and we will work with him on that. If you go up here to this drop-down box and go to the “pre-adverse action” section, you will find candidates in this gray box to the right that says “Waits”. After the clock ticks to the end, that gray box turns into an adverse action letter, which again, you can do right from here. You can email it, print it, and mail it or ask us to do it for you. If you want to do the email, you just click on the email, click why you're not going to offer him the job and again, send that’s it. It notifies you that you could successfully send that to the candidate.

That's our process, from soup to nuts. There's a couple of other things I want to show you really quickly that are pretty important.

How to Adjust Your Settings

This cargo box down here at the bottom, this is where you can adjust all your settings. The settings you want to adjust are either your packages or your user management. Let's look at packages first. You're able to edit these packages anytime you like, much like we just did when we sent out the email invite. In other words, I can go to a receptionist package and look at what's in that receptionist package and decide if you need to add something to it and hit save. Now that screen is permanently inside of that receptionist package. I can also add a package. I would name it and add some screens to it and save it. Now that package has been created and saved in a number of seconds. Those few things I just showed you normally you would have to call the background screening company, get ahold of somebody, let them know the package you want to build, how you want to name it or how you want to edit that, wait a few days and then they would get back to you after they hard-coded that package into your solution. Especially for a small company where an HR director or manager are wearing a ton of different hats. The ability to move as quickly is really vital, it's a huge difference between our solution and our competitive solution in terms of the functionality that we're giving you here. Most of the time what's happening is our users, our naming packages based on the job type that they're hiring for, so receptionist package, sales position, a driver package, something like that.

User Management

The last thing is user management, where you can add users and edit users all from here. Somebody at your company will become the Admin for this account. That person will have the ability to add users and edit user permissions at any time that they like. The kind of permissions that you can do here is things like give someone the ability to order reports or view reports. Technically speaking, someone could order reports but now it would be having the ability to view them, which means they would never see that report complete button, sometimes that happens. I can give someone the ability to edit packages and add them. I can allow them to subscribe to partially complete email notifications, or I can give them the ability to do other types of things within our solution. The other thing that you can do is you can add users to accounts or sub-accounts. I can give them default packages that they can use, and I can create a default owner for each account and the default owner is the person that would actually see the report and get notified that the reports are all complete. The Admin can do all that right out of here rather than, again, having to call the background screening company to change all this stuff. You could do it on the fly, can do it in a number of a matter of seconds. That's our solution.


Q: "Can I set up an automatic drug screen order?"

A: I'm not quite sure what you mean by "automatic drug screen order". You can add drug screens to our packages and then through the email invite, for example, what happens with a drug screen is that the candidate will receive a map. It will show them the closest a centers for the drug screen. They can choose one of those centers off the map and then they're required to set the appointment within 72 hours. As a user, you can decide whether you're going to show tier one, tier two or tier three centers so that you have some control over where they go. I hope that answers your question.

Q: Is it part of a normal Dominion fee?

A: So, there's no fee for the integration or licensing fee for the software. All we do is we charge on a cursory basis, so you can set this up at no charge whatsoever, and then you're being charged every time you run a screen.  

Ok, so last couple things. We have well over a hundred different screens here available guys, this is just a small list of some of them. We do national, federal, state and county criminal database screens, we do sex offender screens, security traces on a civil level, civil records, and county civil records. Verifications are also all available. We do employment verification, education verifications, personal references and professional licenses, and certifications. Now, most of our screen should come back within about 45 seconds or so, but the verifications are all manual and on average, we get those done within about 48 hours, so they can take up to 72 hours to complete. For drivers, we do all the motor vehicle screens. We have a complete list of drug screens, on-site testing, and there are credit and financial screens.

If you are interested in learning more about Verified First, let us know below!

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