How to Effectively Communicate Benefits to your Employees

There’s no getting around it, benefits can be incredibly confusing for employees. It is the job of employers and managers to make sure their employees understand how to select their benefits when the time comes. That is why we at Dominion Systems created a Benefits Administration software that is designed to simplify open enrollment and eliminate the paper process that often comes with it. Since the release of Benefits Administration we have continuously fine-tuned the software in order to make it more feature-rich. One of the biggest benefits of this software is the versatility in how you can use it for your company, and your employees will find that making their benefit selections is easier than ever! Here’s how:

Streamline Your Plans & Providers

Our software allows you to store benefit plan information including name, description, vendor, attachments, and more. Within plans you can create various coverage options with different costs associated. Employees can shop their plans and decide which plan fits their needs the best. Each year you can reuse plans and providers, or add more as you please. Additionally, as an administrator, you have the ability to attach plan documents or add content to further explain the plan features; enabling your employees to make a more informed decision.

Access Benefits Through Employee Portals

During an open enrollment (or by submitting a life event) employees can log into their employee self-service (ESS) and view plans and providers. ESS gives your employees the power to search your benefit plans and find the best fit for their lifestyle. This also eliminates the need for HR to collect paperwork and manually input employees selections.  

Notifications to Keep You Informed

When an employee submits a qualifying life event the administrator will be notified via email, ensuring each request is recognized even without logging into the software. Once the administrator reviews the request the employee will see the change reflected in their ESS. 

A great feature for administers is the ability to see who has completed open enrollment and whose open enrollment has not been started yet. This view is presented in a dashboard style and also allows you to run a report or create a CSV file for reference. 

Using software to streamline your benefits keeps both you and your employees informed. You can see more of Dominion Systems Benefits Administration by requesting a demo below.