How to Make Your HR Software Work for You

Executives, managers, and employees seem busier than ever. Between an overloaded inbox, social media distractions, and excessively long meetings, people do not have time for extra tasks. We already are stretched thin when it comes to time, so why not try and make things easier on yourself? Sometimes working smarter is better than working harder, right? Here are 3 ways to make your HR software work smarter for you.

Personal Data

Let’s quickly walk through the process of hiring an employee. Have you ever thought about all the forms a new hire has to fill out? Usually when someone applies for a job, they have to fill out personal information such as their name, address, phone number, as well as other important info. If your company uses an applicant tracking software this data might make it to your payroll software but it isn't a guarantee that your systems talk back and forth to each other. Now that they are hired, you will have to keep track of more personal information - hire date, benefit date, social security, the list goes on. Having your new employee fill this information out multiple times is very repetitive for them. It can also be a headache for you to keep track of where this information is, especially if it is scattered. Making sure your HR software is a central location for all this info is key to making your life easier and ensuring your new hire has a great experience with their new company.

Requesting Time Off

Whatever time off policy your company uses, whether it is paid time off (pto) or vacation, sick and personal days, it can be a nightmare manually calculating your time off. If you’re a manager approving time off or an employee requesting time off, the process can be daunting and cumbersome. As a manager, trying to figure out who and when someone is working can be an impossible task for even the most organized person. As an employee, figuring out how many days I have left can be a hassle. By using a time tracking system, you can eliminate the guess work. All time tracking can be calculated electronically with the manager and employee knowing exactly what is going on.

Document Storage

Utilizing document storage within your hr software is key to making life easier. You can store employee handbooks, important events, employee certifications, and even their trainings all in an accessible area that they can get to easily. Using employee self service (ess) is the easiest way for employees to access to their information. For example, if an employee has a question regarding the company policy, you can direct them to the company handbook that is located in the employee self service portal. No more excuses that they lost the company handbook or didn't have access to the information they needed. Not sure if an employee has gone through the appropriate trainings? Check your documents page, if you have utilized this feature all the information will be right there.

Using these 3 features to make your hr software a centralized employee database will help you work smarter and eliminate unnecessary manual tasks. Learn how Dominion’s payroll and HR software can help you out email