How to Onboard Your New Hire and Keep Your Sanity

Adding a new member to your team can be extremely exciting, but all the back end work that goes into employee onboarding can sometimes be a bit daunting. Between background checks, drug screening, getting their new computer setup, and new hire reporting it all gets a little hectic. While these tasks must be completed in order to get your new hire in the door, it can be difficult to keep it all organized. So whether you’re the hiring manager or the HR generalist, you’ll want an organized method in place to effortlessly onboard your new hires. 

Delegate Tasks

Start by mapping out what needs to be completed before the new hire even sets foot in the office for their first day. Got that list? Great, now delegate it to the appropriate parties. Communicate a plan of action for when these tasks need to be completed and what the new hire will need to order to get through day one. For example, when I came onboard at Dominion I walked in on my first day and had a list of websites and passwords I needed in order to get into my computer and get myself going. It was much easier for me to get going being that I was provided with everything I needed right away. Note: this was made possible because my boss delegated the duties to various departments; IT made sure my computer was set up for me, my boss made sure I had my desk set up, and our trainer made sure my day was full of helpful ‘how to’s’. This made me feel more prepared for the job because I know the job was prepared for me.

Make Training a Group Effort

Another new hire favorite is training; I’m not sure who dreads it more, the new hire or the employees who have to deliver the training. One thing that has worked well for my department when we bring a new employee or intern on is the way we each take a part of training. If one of us did all the training than we would miss out on days of completing our own tasks and that would not be a fun mess to come back to. When we brought on our last new hire I did training on Hubspot (our marketing software), my boss did training on Salesforce (our CRM), and our software trainer handled the training on how to use employee self service and such. If one of us was challenged to do all of that it would have made a huge dent in personal productivity. As you know, just because you hired someone doesn’t mean your job stops; it is very much a balancing act, so make sure you recruit the help you need to stay afloat. 

Provide the Information

Instead of chasing down your new team member wouldn’t it be easier to have them complete their new hire forms electronically? Not only is it less time intensive for you, but it allows them to complete the forms on their own time and it skips the messy paperwork. Let’s face it, sometimes less paperwork means less confusion. If you have extra documentation explaining what a certain form means or how to figure your tax exemptions you can provide that as a reference, but you don’t necessarily need to clutter their desk with such information. If they need the extra help, they can pull that document and get on with forms. Simple as that. 

Adding a new member to your team is a beautiful thing; it means the business is doing well, and your company is growing, so don’t let the backend work of hiring defeat you. If you’re interested in learning about onboarding software to further simplify your onboarding process contact Dominion for a demo.