How to Optimize your Job Postings

Although the days of posting job openings in the classifieds or on bulletin boards are not completely over, most of the time your best method of finding that perfect employee is by using the world wide web. As an employer, your primary goal is to find a few quality candidates in a relatively short amount of time, and interview them all to find the best option. Unfortunately, this is often a lot easier said than done. Here I have compiled some tips on how to optimize your job postings and increase the quality of candidates applying for your open positions.

Choose your Language Carefully

One of the best things you can do to increase the flow of applicants is to use as many keywords as possible in your job description. This will optimize your post for search engines and make it easier for applicants to find your post. Avoid using creative job titles such as “Software Guru” or “Media Ninja” as these will be less likely to come up in job searches. In addition to making the title search friendly, make the postings easy to read. There should be concise, easy to read language while still providing enough details to give the reader a good idea about what the position entails. Typically somebody looking for a job will read hundreds of descriptions in a short amount of time, so make your post stand out in its brevity.

Give the Applicant What they Want

The quality candidates you’re looking to interview are going to be perusing your job postings with one question in mind: “What’s in it for me?” You should answer this question for them as clearly and concisely as possible by offering up details about the type of work they’d be doing, the benefits they’d receive, and the salary they’d be making. Even if the salary is negotiable, you should provide a range so they have some idea of where the job falls. It is very frustrating to commit a lot of time and energy in the application process, only to find out the job offers too low of a salary for what you’re looking for. Showing exactly what your candidates will get back from being under your employment will eliminate guess work on their part and allow them to put their best face forward. 

Sell your Company

Posting a job application is essentially creating an advertisement for your company, so make it aesthetically pleasing. If possible add images or infographics to make it stand out. Additionally, give your description some voice; using the same tired language that is found on thousands of other job postings is an easy way to get quality candidates to skip right over yours. You can maintain a level of professionalism and still have an interesting post. However you choose to advertise your company, make sure it accurately represents the company culture of your business. 

Simplify, Simplify

Ultimately, the best practice you can put in place is to simplify your application process. Long “essay” type questions and skill tests, etc. are likely to repel more candidates who would otherwise be a good fit. Applying for a job shouldn’t be a strenuous experience, and most of the time you can filter the quality candidates out of the pile based on a polished resume and cover letter. Keep this in mind as you’re revising your job posting process, and you’ll see more candidates (and more qualified candidates) in no time. 

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