Ways to Retain Your Employees [Part 2]

Last week I shared a few tips on how to retain your employees, this week I would like to share a few more. After you have hired the best candidates, provided them with an easy and welcoming onboarding process, have been flexible and reasonable with their schedules and benefits, and are communicating constantly with them, the following are steps that should be followed.

Recognize Their Work and Contributions

Many times employees work very hard on a project and don’t get enough credit for it, or aren’t even thanked or appreciated enough. Don’t simply tell, but also show your employees how much they are valued. Make sure your managers are thanking each employee for their hard work by giving them shout-outs during meetings, featuring them on your company blog or website, etc. Employees want to feel appreciated for the work they do, whether they are a custodian, a customer service representative, or whatever position it may be.  

Incorporate Performance Reviews

Performance reviews allow managers to gain insights into the employee’s goals, wants, and needs. Performance reviews can be opportunities to discuss any projects employees have been working on, any problems they may be facing at work, any needs they might have in order to perform better during work, or even just to discuss career goals. Employees often want to move up in their workplace, and sometimes if they can’t move up, they will move out.

Create Growth Opportunities

For many people, learning new skills and moving forward in their careers is very important. Provide a clear path of advancement. When hiring, look inside your company first. Scanning your internal environment should be a priority because this will allow you to see if there are existing employees who would like to interview for the new position. When your employees continually receive praise for their hard work, are provided with honest feedback in their performance reviews, and know their employers try to hire internally whenever possible, they won’t have any reason to look for other jobs and leave your company.

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