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11 Tips for Staying Motivated and Focused at Work

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Getting motivated can be difficult, but keeping that motivation is even harder. When work becomes routine, staying excited about what you produce or assist with will start to feel draining. Staying enthusiastic and productive throughout the week requires effort on your part to have the motivation to do so. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

Make a Commitment to Excellence

By making a decision to do the best job you can in each task you are assigned, you will cultivate a sense of pride in your work. Putting your all into a project will get you better results at work from your superiors and will increase your self-respect and personal motivation. Anyone can do a mediocre job, but those who stand out are always the ones with the motivation to perform quality work every time.

Remind Yourself of Your Strengths

One thing that can significantly get in the way of staying motivated is low self-esteem or being overly critical of your own skills. This often results in feeling deflated and apathetic. Make an effort to remind yourself of even just a few of your strong points or things you believe you do well. Remembering this helps achieve a much more solid sense of self and increase your daily motivation.

Take a 10 Minute Break Every Hour

Don’t let yourself get burned out by pushing to the limits. A good habit to get into is to work in sixty to ninety minute intervals. Even if you’re simply taking a break every hour to do a lap around the office, your body and mind will function a lot better with these short breaks. Getting a few breaths of fresh air will get you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Eat your lunch on the lawn in front of your building, or take an afternoon break to walk down the road and back. Breaks will allow for your brain to adjust back into a productive routine with more fuel for increased concentration. 

Set Up Goals

Have a to-do list of everything you need to accomplish by the end of the day. These goals should be plausible, but not so easy that it leaves much room for distraction. Factor in your breaks when creating this list, and be firm with yourself. There will be a much higher sense of reward when you leave at the end of the day. After all, you’re stuck inside anyway, you may as well get a lot done.

Learn Something New

Staying informed of industry trends or anything you personally find interesting is a great way to stay motivated in your daily life. News articles and mentally stimulating books will challenge you and increase your knowledge. Attending webinars, seminars, or reading online content such as blogs or eBooks are all great educational resources. 

Clean Your Desk

It may sound like a chore, but clearing your desk or workspace will help decrease stress and increase concentration. Clearing your table with help clear your mind and provide a distraction-free environment to work in.

Exercise Before Work

Before you even step into the office you can start your day motivated. Exercise will reduce stress levels and release endorphins that trigger a positive mental state. Exercising in the morning before work will benefit your work life by giving you the energy to accomplish your tasks without feeling sluggish. (And if you can't swing it, try 5 minutes of desk yoga.) 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a vital element to staying motivated. No matter how hard you push yourself throughout the day, you won’t be able to function at your peak performance or retain detailed information if you are running off of a minimal amount of sleep. Sleep will reenergize you and keep you alert for work that demands your attention.

Stay Hydrated

As strange as it might sound, drinking lots of water during the day is one of the best things you can do to keep focused. Doing so releases toxins in your body and will make you more energized all day long. In fact, if you’re falling into that afternoon slump, you’re better off drinking a glass of water than another cup of coffee. Furthermore, more often than not when your stomach rumbles and you start to feel hungry, drinking water will sooth this feeling and let you stay on track with your work.

Sharpen Your Skills

When you continue to work on the same type of project, it can become extremely draining-- it’s difficult to stay motivated in a monotonous routine when you are performing the same tasks day in and day out. Engaging and sharpening different skills is great for rekindling motivation. Learning or working on something new will recharge your brain by using a variety of different skills. Try to mix up your work week by designating different projects to different days, rather than hammering them out one by one.

Find Inspiration in Your Work

The final (possibly most important) thing you can do is find inspiration in your work. We can’t all love our jobs 100% of the time, so on those days when you’re finding your work a little tedious, remember why you do what you’re doing. Does your work help others in need? Are you saving up for your child’s college fund? Whatever the reason, keep it in mind when you’re starting to get off track. Nothing helps get a job done faster than the right sense of inspiration. 

Being inspired is great to kick start an ambitious work life, but only you can maintain your motivation through daily renewal.


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