How to Strengthen Your Company through Volunteering

It wasn’t until I was talking with my friends and family that I realized corporate volunteer programs were not the norm. When I told my peers about that I was able to volunteer on company time, they were amazed. “You work for a great company” or “That is so cool” were a few of the responses I received. Corporate volunteer policies are, in my opinion, a hidden gem. Here are a few reasons why you should encourage your company to start volunteering together.

Volunteering together creates unity

Through my company’s volunteer program I have had the chance to bond with and get to know those outside of my department. Sometimes getting out of the office together allows colleagues to let down their guard and really open up. Last year I had the chance to volunteer with a handful of people from different departments, allowing me to get to know them better. Afterwards we even went out and got food together. This is something that would not have happened had I not volunteered with them. This leads me to my next point.

Work relationships are important

As more Millennials enter the workforce we’re seeing that work relationships are growing in importance. Studies show Gen Y workers are happier, more productive, and more motivated when they have friends at work [1]. It’s simple really; when you like the people you work with, it makes coming to work much easier. By encouraging your workforce to work together on projects outside of office walls, you could in fact boost their engagement at work.

Creates and strengthens culture

Volunteering as a company speaks volumes about your company culture, internally and externally. This works to establish/enhance your brand and improve public image. People want to do business with those who they believe are cultivating change for the better. Similarly, people want to work for companies who support a strong, positive culture.

Builds up the foundation of your company

Every business starts out local. Giving back to the community who helped you grow and transition to where you are now is a great way to show pride in your businesses foundation. Not to mention, it is a great way to network and find possible business opportunities.
Does your company have a volunteer policy? We would love to hear how corporate volunteering has affected your business.

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