How To Tell What Your Customers Are Really Thinking

Staying up to date with industry trends is helpful for your company growth, but what’s most important when it comes to cultivating a successful business is pleasing your customers. Knowing what exactly they want and are looking for out of your product or service will unlock the key to crafting the best possible offer to consumers. So, just exactly how can you tell what your customers are really thinking about your business? Use these four tips to find out:

Utilize Staff That Is Customer-Facing

Perhaps the fastest way of gaining knowledge on your customers’ general feeling towards your business is asking your staff. Customer service reps are on the front-lines answering questions and noting issues with customer purchases. Regular meetings to gather common customer remarks can be extremely helpful to the development of the next phase of your product release or shift in daily operation. Giving staff a chance for their voice to be heard can help ensure you are getting a mutli-angle perspective of your organization and its products.

Monitor Social Platforms

Keeping watch over customer opinions on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for observing comments from paying and potential customers. Comments on social media can also allow for some insight into general public consensus on competitors. Looking one step further on review sites like Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Angie’s List are great for monitoring what other potential buyers are viewing while they shop. Review sites are one of the better online spaces for customers to be completely candid with their opinion of what you have to offer, so keeping an eye on them will give you a good idea of what is worth improving and what is working well.

Send Out Questionnaires & Surveys

Simply asking for customer feedback is another popular way of collecting a controlled sample of known buyer personas. Even companies such as Volkswagen have used these very techniques to shape one of their famous “Bug” models. Asking for details on what matters most to customers, scaling how well their last service interaction went, or collecting honest feedback from paid “secret shoppers” can all offer valuable data for optimizing your brand. 

Host Focus Groups

Focus groups are another way of surveying your current customers and clients thoughts and opinions. By hosting a diverse range of buyers and clients, you are able to gather in-person testimonials and ideas through guided discussion. Focus groups also give you a chance to further break down your various buyer personas’ wants and needs out of your company.

Implementing any one of these techniques (or a multitude) of them is guaranteed to supply you with the tools and insight to vamp your business to its highest potential.