How to Utilize Your HR Software Communication Tools to Minimize Emails and Daily Interruptions

Are you utilizing all of the Payroll and HRM software features available to you that help your organization communicate with your employees effectively? According to a survey reported in The Cost of Poor Communications, an average loss of $62.4 million per company occurs every year because of inadequate communication to and between employees. Good communication is key. As an HR professional, you must be a competent communicator to succeed at one of your main tasks: workforce management. This function includes communicating through your recruitment strategy, the interview process, onboarding new talent, and then training, managing, and paying that new talent. With your strong communication skills and HRM software tools, you position yourself to have a great impact in the workplace. A quality payroll and HRM software solution should enable your organization, your management, and your employees to communicate effectively. The following are specific ways to communicate effectively online through a valuable payroll and HRM software platform.

Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal

It’s no secret that an Employee Self Service portal has many advantages and uses, but the primary benefit is to empower your employees so that they can receive the information you want to provide them. Most ESS portals allow the employee to access reports showing personal information such as paycheck history and detail on attendance. These reports should all be accessed by a supervisor (if given access) and a company administrator, which eliminates the need for employees to constantly bug their HR department to ask for their paystub history. Your staff should also have the ability to punch in and out and request time off here. They should also be able to monitor the amount of time off they have available and see whether their past requests have been approved or denied. This creates transparency and reduces the need to ask upper management questions that they can now answer on their own. Dominion’s ESS portal, for example, includes a Punch Calendar and Time Card History. On these pages, employees can find their calculated time cards, PTO dates, and total weekly hours. If employees forgot to punch in or out, we offer the option for the employee to request a time for the missing punch, which then sends a notification to their supervisor. Say “goodbye” to sticky notes and needless interruptions and “hello” to online notifications that you can see and resolve on your own time. From an employee’s welcome page, they are able to get important information from the moment they sign in, which brings us to the next feature.

Company or Department Alerts

How do you recognize your employees’ work anniversaries and birthdays? Do you communicate this information through social media or via email to only those select employees? What if you can share this information so the whole company can see these announcements? Recognizing anniversaries, birthdays, and any other successes should be shared with everyone so they can be applauded. Does your current employee portal allow you to recognize your staff on a company-wide basis? Dominion specifically has a section titled “Company Alerts” and we recommend taking advantage of this feature to advertise anniversaries and inform the staff about upcoming events or other important information. As a company administrator, we make it very user-friendly for you to update this section. We allow you to customize alerts to fit your needs, so you can do things like adding a date range to your alerts so you won’t have to go back in and delete it after the event has taken place. You are also able to select a security level so that you can share certain information with just your company administrators or set it to include supervisors or employees as needed.

company alert.PNG

Points and Incidents

Points and Incidents modules are created to calculate and keep track of real-time point totals for fair and accurate management of employee attendance policies. The employees should be able to see these points from their ESS portal. This, again, embraces transparency and demands accuracy so that the employee can’t come back and argue without first looking at the information stored in the system. The employee punches with an automatic time tracking system and both parties can see the employee punched tardy or left early. There will be a note showing the specific exception in Dominion’s software. In the example below, this employee was tardy 30 minutes and left early an hour and 22 minutes before the scheduled time. It is important to note that this is only effective when the employee has a schedule in the system.

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Dominion Systems

Dominion Systems’ payroll and HR software can help you communicate in all of these ways and more. Keeping everything in the cloud allows anybody given access the ability to hop into the system and retrieve whatever information they might need from anywhere with an internet connection. You can have phone conversations while looking at the same report and even automate your correspondence with applicants to reject them or thank them for applying. All of this communication will simplify your everyday payroll and HR tasks. Human error will be minimized and important documents that need to be shared amongst a large group of people won’t be lost in a stack of papers. If you’re looking for a new payroll provider or looking for ways to communicate more effectively internally, Dominion has what you need.

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