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Implementing an Employee Self Service

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Technology has become an intricate part of everyday life for nearly everyone in the modern workforce. Whether it’s something you’re passionate about or something you try in vain to resist, the fact of the matter is that every business needs to adapt to these technological advancements to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. This is especially true when it comes to Human Resource Management (HRM) technology. These days, HRM software is moving at such a fast pace, and a lot of great solutions exist, each with its own spin on products and features. 

One of the most important features every business with HRM software should be using is Employee Self Service (ESS). Most HRM software companies have a portal where employees can log in to view schedules or punch in and out, but there is so much more to be gained from ESS software. 


Company culture 

To get the most out of an Employee Self Service software, you have to get your employees to use it. The first thing you’ll want to do when implementing ESS is to take a good look at your company culture. Culture can vary from business to business, but at the very least you should make an effort to cultivate a space that promotes transparency and accessibility. Not only will this help encourage your employees to adopt the new ESS software, but the software, in turn, helps organize and facilitate your new culture. 


Align departments 

It’s important to ensure that every department within your organization has clearly defined goals that align with each other. One of these goals should be to adapt to your new software and make an effort to use it regularly. The best way to do this is by laying out the specific use of the software to your employees. 

The purpose for using the new ESS platform might be understood by one department, but another department may be at a loss as to how it will help them succeed in their job. Discussing the software should be on the agenda of the next couple of interdepartmental meetings and should be brought up in your next company-wide meeting. Communication is the most important thing when it comes to aligning your team and getting them on board with your new ESS platform. 


Training your employees

Reluctancy to transition happens due to unfamiliarity, so creating comfort with new features as soon as possible is very important. The software company you are using should provide the proper educational tools, such as hands-on training, a video library, or PDF resources. You can also create company-specific refreshers for your current employees showing them how to use this new feature. 


Integrate daily activities

ESS software services offer a variety of capabilities designed to simplify work life for you and your employees. With this software, your company as a whole should start running smoother and more efficiently. Your ESS system should tie into your other software for payroll, time and attendance, time off, and more.

ESS software should allow your employees to view: 

  • Paycheck information
  • W-2s
  • Personal information 
  • Weekly schedule 
  • Document management (handbooks and company policies, etc.) 
  • Company messaging 
  • PTO requests & balances 
  • Punching In & Out 
  • Punch or work history

ESS helps year-round, enabling employees to view PTO balances and paychecks and update dependants so you don't have to. ESS can make year-end easier too! Enabling employees to receive their W-2s through their ESS portal, and even verify their information is correct, saves employers time and money from printing and distributing them. If your business could benefit from ESS, schedule a demo with Dominion! 


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