Improve Your Onboarding Process with a New Hire Survey

When was the last time you evaluated your onboarding process? If you haven’t made any adjustments to engage top talent, it’s time to start. And if you’ve already made some changes to your onboarding process, but don’t know if any of the changes have made a real difference, there’s one simple way to find out.

One way to see if changes in your onboarding process are working is to ask recently hired employees to complete an onboarding survey. A new hire survey is a simple, easy way to gather helpful feedback about your current onboarding process and can highlight any changes you need to make.

The Benefits of an Onboarding Survey

An onboarding survey provides beneficial information for a few key aspects of your organization, but especially in reducing turnover, improving your company brand, and of course, your onboarding process.

  • Reduced turnover: An onboarding survey in and of itself is not enough to reduce turnover rates. But getting feedback from early employees can alert hiring managers to negative trends in your company.

  • Improved company brand: Initial feedback from new employees is perhaps the best way to find out how external people view and think of your company. If you’ve been working for your company for a length of time, you either know what needs to change or are unaware of it. By finding out what new employees thought of your company during the interview process (this is of course assuming they answer the survey honestly), and their first few weeks on the job, you’ll have a better understanding of your company brand.

  • Better onboarding experience: While this may seem a bit redundant, providing a better onboarding process improves employee satisfaction, engagement, performance, and much more.

Ensure a seamless transition from new hire to employee

What to Ask in an Onboarding Survey

There are a number of onboarding survey examples out there (Including ours! Listed below and downloadable here) and they can be effective. But you should use a survey like Dominion’s as a blueprint before thinking about specific questions helpful and unique to your company. Think about what goals your company wants to achieve and improve, what’s important to your company’s values, and how you want to attract and retain the great employee talent.

While considering these questions, check out Dominion’s onboarding survey questions:

Onboarding Survey Questions

  1. How did you hear about Dominion Systems prior to being hired? Check all that apply:

    • Friend or family member (not a Dominion employee)

    • Friend or family member (who IS a Dominion employee)

    • Job board

    • Used Dominion at a previous company

    • A recruiter reached out to me

    • Other

  2. When did you apply to Dominion?

  3. Where did you learn about Dominion before the hiring process?

    • Dominion’s website

    • Glassdoor

    • Linkedin

    • Youtube

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • News sources

    • Other

  4. Where did you first see the job ad for your current position?

    • Indeed

    • Glassdoor

    • Job fair

    • Dominion’s careers page

    • An employee from Dominion reached out to me directly

    • Other

  5. If you viewed our Glassdoor page, how much of a factor did it play in enticing you to apply for Dominion from 1 - 5, one being the lowest, five being the highest.

  6. I clearly understood what the job responsibilities were when I interviewed for the position.

  7. I clearly understood what was needed and expected from me to be successful in my role.

  8. I was unsure of what the job responsibilities entailed.

  9. I got a good sense of the company culture during the interview process.

  10. Dominion’s benefits encourage me to apply.

  11. Submitting my application was easy and intuitive.

  12. After applying and throughout the interview process, the person I spoke with was responsive and keep me updated.

  13. How did a tour of Dominion impact your perception of the company?

  14. The hiring manager helped me feel comfortable during the interview process.

  15. I spoke for the majority of the interview.

  16. The hiring manager spoke for the majority of the interview.

  17. It sometimes felt unclear what the hiring manager was asking me.

  18. During the interview, the hiring manager accurately described what my job responsibilities are today.

  19. I was clearly informed about the benefits available to me as a Dominion employee.

  20. After the interview, I felt positive and encouraged about the job opportunity.

  21. Please provide any additional comments and feedback about your experience interviewing with Dominion: