Is my Company a Good Fit for Payroll Software?

I’m sure you have heard it many times: payroll software can save you many hours a week. Up to this point you have ignored your other payroll friends and continued to manually enter employee hours and data. Spending hour after hour tediously checking and rechecking hours and calculations to ensure your employees get paid correctly and on time.

You may have even started a free trial or had a payroll company stop in and give you a demo. But for some reason you can’t quite pull the trigger and purchase a payroll software to help you out with your processes. You continually come up with excuses.

“I’m too busy to switch”

“The cost is too high”

“If it aint broke – don’t fix it”

You have made up many reasons to not switch. Here’s why you should overcome those three roadblocks and start using a payroll software.

I’m too Busy

We are all too busy, I get it. That is why getting a payroll software to help automate some of your processes is so important. For example, you may work at a small company with 25 employees with plans of expansion. What happens if you double or triple in size in the next few years? Payroll takes up most of your time now with 25 employees, how will it be with 50 or even 75? Working on these business processes now will make things much more manageable in the future.

Cost is too High

“My boss will never ok a payroll software budget; right now it is free.”

Sure, you may consider it free but are you counting all the time you spend each week computing payroll or tax calculations? This is time that could be spent doing more meaningful work that creates additional value for your company. Not to mention most payroll companies guarantee tax filing, which can more than pay for a software year after year. Fines for small business can add up to be thousands of dollars a year. So the question should be: can you really afford not to use a payroll software?

It isn’t Broke

Sure, it might not be ‘broke’. Your process works for you and that’s great. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved on. If we always used the same mentality, we would never improve on anything. For example, we used to have to wait until 6 o’clock for our daily news. In some cases, even worse, the following day when the newspaper was dropped off at our front porch. Now, with smartphones, internet access, etc. we instantly get our news. No longer do you have to wait until 6. That’s not to say waiting for your news is bad, it is just to showcase that there are other ways to do things.

It’s ok to do payroll like you always have, but you might be missing out on an easier, more efficient way of doing things. As technology continues to move forward shouldn’t your payroll processes move forward to?

By overcoming these common roadblocks to incorporating a payroll software, you will find that you and your company will greatly benefit. Not only will you have more time, but you will have an opportunity to directly contribute to the growth of your company.