Is Your Time & Attendance Software Suited for Job Costing?

For organizations large and small, being able to accurately analyze, track, and estimate job costs is a vital software feature. An employer’s ability to accurately predict job costing directly affects future budget planning, how teams will be built, and the planning of future projects. But despite the best spreadsheets, job costing is a challenging task. That’s why it pays to use a time and attendance software well suited for job costing.

Accurately Estimate Job Costing with Fully Functional Time & Attendance Software

Your ability as a manager or employer to accurately estimate job costing effects all manners of your organization from payroll, to hiring new employees, to how much you bill clients. And the key to building a reliable job costing strategy is greatly dependent on how well your time and attendance software functions.

Does your current time and attendance system provide you with the kind of data you need to estimate the cost of future projects? What about tracking employees who work different schedules, or at different locations? These are basic examples, but they do provide small samples of analytics you’ll need to run for accurate job costing.

One software for accurate job costing

Is Your Time & Attendance Suited for Accurate Job Costing?

In order to determine if your time and attendance software is suited for accurate job costing, consider the following questions:

  • Is it difficult to complete timesheets at the end of each pay period?

  • Can you identify revenue leaks in project budgets?

  • Are you able to account for all billable hours?

  • Are you having difficulties determining which projects provide the most revenue, and which might be oversaturated with funds?

Dominion’s time and attendance does a lot more than simply track your employees hours. Our single-source solution means hours flow directly into payroll, supervisors can approve and review hours worked, and quickly pull reports to see which employees are close to hitting overtime, and who can be moved to another project. With accurate and accessible employee data, you can stay ahead of hidden costs and trust job costing estimates.

Trust your job costing estimates

It’s a skill to draft an accurate budget for a new project, client event, or product release. But once a project starts, any number of hurdles can spring up and derail your perfectly crafted budget.

Dominion’s Job Costing feature allows managers to track costs within an accurate window to see how much time employees and teams spend at different phases of a project.

Supervisors can receive alerts when a project is about to go over the forecasted budget based on hourly pay rates. Additionally, supervisors have the ability to set cost-centric benchmarks to help you stay informed on anticipated costs. From now on, track time spent on planning, development, quality assurance, testing, and more, as they occur in real time.

Plan future projects around past job costing data

One of the biggest advantages to using Dominion’s time and attendance software is that it syncs effortlessly with payroll and runs user-friendly reports. These two components allow you to:

  • Access, read, and forward the information you need at different phases of a project. By having access to time card reports and payroll data you can maximize the time and effort spent on a project while making confident decisions about future projects.

  • By analyzing data from past and current projects, you can create more accurate budgets for future projects, and make sure you have the right team to accomplish your organization's goals.

Find and prevent hidden costs

Unexpected costs can delay a project well past its due date, or at worst kill it completely. And no business or manager wants that. If your current method of collecting employee time is inefficient or inaccurate, you’ll hardly be able to generate the data you need to see the finer details of where a project is stuck.

Dominion’s Job Costing feature allows managers and administrators to easily view hours worked and on which project. Plus, employee hours are automatically synced into payroll so each pay period is accurate and reflects the correct pay rate.

Find a Software Well-Suited for Job Costing

If your current time and attendance software doesn’t allow for accurate job costing, you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. Dominion’s ability to accurately track job costing allows you to fully maximize your organization’s resources. Moving forward you’ll have the data necessary to enhance your workforce, feel confident in taking on new projects, and find new efficiencies. If you’re seeking a better job costing feature, request a demo for Dominion’s Time and Attendance!