Product Update | May 2018

New on Thursday, 5/24/2018

As we continue to make improvements to our software, there are a number of updates you should be aware of. Please read on for details about these changes.

Applicant Tracking System

You will now have the ability to customize the name of each job board for applicants to see. Previously, the title would be populated based on the information within the system.

Your ATS dashboard will be updated to meet the new standards. All the same functionality exists, though it is important to note that the “My Tasks” section has been temporarily removed. This will be reinstated once we redesign the hiring workflow, so stay tuned for more information about that!

There are a couple new “widgets” added to the main dashboard. From these, you can get information regarding your job posts at a glance, including the number of “Posts Without Applicants,” “Posts to Fill,” “Applicants to Review,” and a “Current Candidate Count.”

Soon, you will be able to click on these widgets in order to retrieve the corresponding information.

A new filter has been added under the Qualify Applicant page titled “post owner.” With this filter, you can view jobs specifically tied to you.


In addition to a number of small bug fixes that will improve the overall functionality of the system, we have finalized some foundational work that will pave the way for notifications down the road. You will not notice any change in the system at this time, but it is a big step toward a very exciting feature!

It’s also worth noting that the Federal W-4 has been updated to reflect current 2018 version.

Time & Attendance

We implemented some database updates that will improve the overall performance of the Time & Attendance system. Additionally, you’ll notice that when administrators approve time cards, it not only shows what day the approval was made but also the exact time.


Overall, there have not been any major changes to the interface. However, small adjustments have been made to improve the overall user experience. For example, we remedied some issues that prevented the top menu from functioning properly on iPads and text boxes within the HR Fields not expanding appropriately. These are just a few ways we’re trying to make the system function as efficiently as possible.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at or by calling 616.248.3835.