Local or National Payroll?

There are so many options when it comes to payroll software; you have your big names like ADP, Paychex, Infinisource and you have your local companies such as yours truly, Basic, DM Payroll, and more. Did I mention all the boxed software options available to you? Quickbooks anyone? In such a saturated software market it can be hard to figure out which software is best for you. If residing in Grand Rapids has taught me anything it is definitely that you should support local - but wait, before you decide that this post is biased, let me explain a few points to support my statement here. 

Local is Synonymous with Friendly

Now I can’t speak for everyone, but I know when our clients call into our Client Solutions team they are greeted with kindness and patience every time. Don’t believe me? Read some of our client stories and see just how many of our clients are singing the praises of our team here. Our clients have even been known to send in flowers and food to show their appreciation towards our software developers, professional services, and client solutions teams. 

Customization is at Your Fingertips

If you read through our client stories that I linked in the previous paragraph, you probably noticed a few clients stating that our software is flexible and easy to customize. One of the greatest advantages to our local touch is the fact that we have in-house software developers working to not only build out new products, but tweak existing ones to meet the needs of clients who might have an unusual set-up. I’m not sure you could ask for that from ADP or Paychex.

Customer Support that Can’t be Beat

Call or click your way to understanding with Dominion’s multiple customer service platforms. Have a quick question while you’re processing your payroll? No problem, use our chat feature and get instantaneous help. Need a more elaborate answer, pick up the phone and give us a call, one of our friendly solutions reps will be more than happy to give you clarification or walk you through your payroll. No one dislikes waiting on hold forever to get their needs met and with Dominion you’ll never have to. 

Give Your Input

When Dominion is concepting new products one of the things our User Experience Designer likes to do is host user groups. This is when we invite clients to come in and test out our product during its infancy stages and give their feedback and ideas. This is great because it allows us to develop our software for our target market, being that our target market is requesting such features and functionality. This is just another way your local provider competes with the national guys.

Local and State Taxes are a Breeze

Who knows your local and state taxes better than your local payroll provider? You’re probably thinking ‘But I thought the software handles this process anyway?”, and you’re right, it does, but what about when you have questions? We have numerous calls who call into our tax department with questions about their tax withholdings and just like when they call into our solutions department, they get answers immediately. For someone who isn’t well versed in taxes (me) this is a big deal.  

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