My New Year's Resolution: Becoming Paperless

Have you ever thought of how much paper you use during the year? Statistics seem to vary, but in the United States each person is estimated to use almost 750 pounds of paper each year. That is lot of paper! As I look around my workspace, I no doubt have sticky notes and scratch pads of paper peppered all over. It got me thinking with all the technology I have access to, why do I still waste my time with paper? As a company we are advocates for becoming paperless (a lot of our clients are) and we post blogs on being paperless quite often, if you’re interested here is a blog on starting to process a paperless payroll. I really don't use that much paper, but my next step is to become completely paperless. Here is how I plan on achieving my goal.

Paperless Meetings

We all attend a lot of meetings where information and ideas are exchanged. I try and take some sort of notes as a reminder for later, otherwise I may forget. Traditionally, I used a pen and pad of paper. I scribble down my notes, leave the meeting, and promptly throw my notes on my desk. By the end of the week I have a notepad filled with notes. Naturally, when the task is finished I throw the notes away. 

Just recently I have started using my iPad for all my notes during meetings. At first it took me a little longer to take notes, it was different, but I soon adjusted and taking notes just as quickly on my iPad as I did on my notepad. One of the advantages of using my iPad, is that I can email everyone who attended the meeting my notes afterward and make sure we are all on the same page. 

Paperless Documents

We try and collaborate a lot for the many projects we have going on. Collaboration can mean printing and reprinting different documents in order to make sure everyone gets a copy. As a marketing team, we used to print off each blog post, edit it, and pass it to the next person. We have just recently started to use Google Docs and found that the amount of time editing a document has been cut down quite significantly. We make our changes in different colors and then collaborate on the proposed changes. Leaving no paper trail and we always have our document saved in Google Drive.

Online Reports

I love data and analytics so naturally I have a lot of reports I look at. I run reports mainly out of Salesforce, which is what our company uses for our CRM. My reports range anywhere from what products our clients use to what activities I completed last week. To date, I have 46 personal reports that I have created. I don’t look at all of them regularly, but over the years I have been asked to build similar reports multiple times, so I just keep them filed away. I used to print off the reports, (I don't know why) now I just make it part of my routine to check or email these reports out. It saves a lot of paper and time.

Online Employee Self Service (ESS) of Any Kind

This can apply for quite a few different things. As a company we push our clients to use ESS, read a blog on reducing time and increasing efficiency through ess. They can keep all their documents, training certificates, pay stubs, and other vital payroll information in their employee self service portal. 

Outside of work, I use multiple ESS portals to pay bills. Within my ESS portals, I sign up for different notifications, one of those being paperless billing. This allows me to electronically pay all my bills without receiving one piece of paper.

With the help of technology, I am already on my way to becoming paperless. If you would like to learn how Dominion Systems can help your payroll processes become paperless, please email to get started.