Onboarding Product Update [April 2017]

New on April 14

We’ve made updates to our Onboarding software. You will now have the ability to add documents, videos and website links to the self-onboarding process. This means that when an employee is registering, they will be able to sign off on employee handbooks, training videos, company policies, or any other pre-employment material you would like them to view.  

As the administrator, you will be able to set up various Pages. On each Page you create, you can have as many pdf documents, videos or links as you like. Each page is limited to one type of file, so you cannot have a Page with a pdf and a video. The Page represents the screen that your new employee will actually see for content, and you can control the screen title, onscreen instructions and the acknowledgment text to be viewed.

To set up a Page, click the “Create Page” button. There you will be able to choose all of the files that you would like to add to that Page. You can name the Page and add instructional texts for your new employee to follow. 

You will also have the option to add a checkbox for your new employees to check, confirming that they have viewed the file. The exact text by the checkbox can be customized to your liking. The checkbox is marked to confirm that all of the files in the page have been viewed, so you will have to create separate pages if you would like a checkbox for individual files.

Previously, when you set up your new hire within the onboarding feature, you had the option to choose from the standards pages to add to your new employee’s self-onboarding (Form I9, Emergency Contacts, Direct Deposit Setup, etc.) Now, on that same screen, you will see all of your custom pages displayed below. Here you will be able to choose what custom pages you would like to add to each new hire setup.

Keep in mind that the 'Company Resources' section of our software acts as a source library when selecting files for the new 'Create Page' option. You can choose from those options or you can elect to pull directly from their computer

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Client Solutions team at 616.248.3835 or solutions@dominionsystems.com.

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