Preparing for an Interview: 4 Tips Often Overlooked

There’s the standard tips you’ve had ingrained in your brain for an interview; dress your best, have a clean and error-free resume ready, arrive five to ten minutes early, but good impressions are made of more than these common guidelines. Presenting your best self is all in the details.

Stay Aware of Your Body Language

Body language is a huge indicator of how you feel about yourself and your surroundings. It gives off a signal that recruiters and employers hone in on during your interview. It’s your job to make that signal one of positivity and confidence. Fidgeting, pen tapping, swaying, or slouching are all signs of discomfort, and too much will make you come off as timid or uncertain. You want to display as much confidence as possible in front of your potential employers, so try to stay mindful of your mannerisms.

Communicate Well

Good communication is essential in the workplace and makes you that much more marketable than someone only portraying their technical knowhow. Again, that confidence will show through in how you present yourself while speaking. It shows interviewers that you can convey your ideas thoroughly and comprehend others’ ideas as well. Good communication is a universal skill that virtually all positions require at least to some degree, so don’t be afraid to elaborate on your answers and make eye contact with everyone in the room. Just be sure to stay focused and to the point.

Know Why You Want the Job

Everyone wants to be employed for the same basic reason; to have a steady income, but there’s more attached to a career than money. Make sure before going into the interview, you understand why you want the position. It’s important to know that employers will probably ask you why you want the job during recruitment, and answers matter. Companies generally search for dependable employees who want to commit long term so that the onboarding expense (both time-wise and money-wise) is reimbursed. Asking this also will help narrow who will be a good fit for company brand and will reflect their vision or purpose. Take the time to consider your own reasons to help craft an answer that will display your passion.

Be Likeable

Now how are you supposed to make yourself “likeable” exactly? That seems to be a relative word… and it is. All this really means is that you should aim to supply enough charm and self-assurance without being overly cheesy or boastful. When it comes to narrowing down the best candidates of the group, people will look for who they see themselves getting along with the best. This doesn’t mean they are searching for a new best friend, but it does mean that they are looking for someone who will fit within the company culture and team.

Nobody’s perfect so don’t stress too much over your interview. What’s important is staying relaxed, confident, and well-spoken. The more you practice and prepare beforehand, the smoother your conversation will go.