Product Release | June 28

New on Friday, 6/29

In the latest product release, the following updates will be made to our software:

Applicant Tracking

There have been a number of minor changes to the layout of the Job Post screen within the Applicant Tracking System. Nothing has been added or removed, but there are a few changes put in place in order to begin the process of sharing job posts with There are certain fields that will now be “read-only” and the focus will shift from the Location field to Division in order to obtain information about “city” and “state.” If you need assistance adding new Locations, please use the chat feature within the site or reach out to us via phone or email found below.

You will also notice that you have the ability to record the number of open positions for each Job Post. The Job Post Listing and Job Board will reflect any extra information based on the remaining positions that need to be filled.

There is a new Question type available that allows you to collect a date during the application process.


Within the Onboarding software, a notification has been created to alert the Onboarding administrator when the employee has completed the Onboarding process.

If you have any questions about these changes, email our Client Solutions team at or call 616-248-3835.