Product Release | May 2019

New on Thursday, May 9th

Dominion has some product updates coming out, including updates to Applicant Tracking, the Payroll Preview Dashboard, and a new Deductions Report. Check out these updates and more below, and let us know if you have any questions at 616.248.3835 or

Applicant Tracking

Cover letters that we collect through Indeed will be included on an applicant’s profile. This process will also be included when applicants apply through Dominion, giving admins the option to make cover letters required and allowing applicants to either type their cover letter in the application or upload a pdf.

Require cover letter.PNG
cover letter.PNG

The ATS Dashboard has had some changes. The open post statistics at the bottom of the dashboard can be clicked-through to pull up relevant information relating to the specific card. Posts Without Applicants and Positions to Fill will bring up basic reports; Applicants to Review and Current Candidates Count link to the Qualify Applicants page, with the Current Candidate Count bringing up the Candidates tab.

Additionally, a new item has been added to the New Applications graph on the dashboard that shows you how many applications have come through Indeed.



When you accept your payroll preview, you will now be directed straight to the Payroll History Dashboard. If you use a general ledger, a button will populate at the top that, when clicked, will email you your GL directly. The same is true for pay stubs, other scheduled reports, or any email functions you previously used will still be available near the top right corner of the screen. When a user clicks a button to email the item, it will log when it was done and who clicked it. As a convenience we have included the most popular payroll reports in the upper right corner.

Payroll History Preview.PNG


A new report can be found in the payroll preview area called Employee Deductions, which allows you to audit deductions before you accept your preview. This will show specific deductions that were on this payroll and giving you a grand total. It provides a list of employees by each deduction used within this payroll for auditing. If needed, you can navigate to our Advanced Reporting and use an employee/deduction filter to focus on an individual employee or deduction

Employee Deductions.PNG