Product Update: Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking - January Release Statement

On the evening of Thursday, January 28th, we will be releasing an update to our Applicant Tracking System. Applicant Search and Hiring Workflow screens will be impacted. 

Sorting Applicants

‘Applicant Search’ will now be called ‘Qualify Applicant’ to represent the primary function for this screen. Now when applicants apply you can review and assign the applicant to one of four different statuses: 

  • ‘Applicant’ refers to someone who simply applied for the position. This is the default status.
  • ‘Candidate’ refers to someone who is being elevated to the next step in the hiring process.
  • ‘Rejected’ refers to someone who is not being considered for the position.
  • ‘Blocked’ refers to someone who will never be considered for any position.

This screen also provides the ability to mass update an applicant(s) for either status or correspondence. If you currently use our Hiring Workflow management tool any ‘Candidate’ status will automatically elevate that applicant into the Hiring Workflow process. 

Applicant Info

The Applicant Info section represents different aspects of the Applicant record including:

  • Notification of any ‘Flagged’ questions
  • Access links to the Application/Resume
  • Access to the last Correspondence sent to the applicant
  • Notification of a ‘Transferred’ Applicant from another Job Posting

Filtering Results

The secondary function of this screen is to filter your Applicant pool. We have re-designed the filter criteria to simplify the user interaction. This tool is available so our users can easily filter down the number of applicants they may want to view at one time. The new layout carries forward all previous filter functionality while providing a cleaner, more user-friendly presentation.


Hiring Workflow

Our first update for Hiring Workflow only affects the setup screens. Our next release will focus on the functional side of the application.

Process Setup

We have updated the appearance and functions for creating a Hiring Workflow process. We’ve also added the ability to define each process by ‘Type’. Type allows our users to designate a process as ‘Internal’, ‘External’, or both. 

  • Internal - represents a process solely for current employees.
  • External - represents a process solely used for applicants.
  • Both - represents a process that will be used for applicants and employees.


We have updated the ‘Steps’ to represent ‘Tasks’ within this process. Within ‘Tasks’ we’ve removed ‘Assign to’ and ‘Email is required’ from the setup screen but they will remain available once you perform the Hiring Workflow for each ‘Candidate’. We have also added the ability for attachments, but they will not be immediately available during the ‘Hiring Workflow’ at this time.