Product Update: Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking - February Release Statement

On 2/25/2016 Dominion Systems will be releasing updates to its Applicant Tracking System. The focus of this release is an extension of our hiring process with an additional tool that assists with closing your job posting. 

Close Posting

The ability to manually open or close a posting has been added. We have also created a tool to automate the closing actions for your posting. These actions include the ability to send out final correspondence, mass update application status, and officially close the posting. This tool will be made available as an extension to the New Hire process or it can be activated directly from the Posting screen.

Final Correspondence

As part of the Close Posting actions you will be prompted to send out a final correspondence for each Applicant Status. The correspondents will be sectioned by Application status with a dropdown next to each for a correspondence selection. An option for ‘No Correspondence’ has been included to allow you to skip this action. Note that any rejected applicants having received prior correspondence will be skipped with this mass correspondence option.

Final Application Status

As part of closing your posting we wanted to provide an easy way to officially reject all other applicants. With this option anyone not selected for hire will be updated to "Rejected” status. 

Close Posting

Last of all, we allow the user to officially close the posting, concluding your new hire search.

Qualify Applicant Screen

Application Status

On the Qualify Applicant screen we have adjusted our Application statuses for a more complete tracking of applications. In the Application Status tabs you will now see “Reviewed” and “Hired” and you will no longer have “Blocked”. 

  • “Reviewed” represents an application that has been looked over but no decision is ready to be made on the applicant.
  • “Hired” is available to designate your final selection. The ability to activate the “New Hire” feature will be available on the “Candidate” status tab. Upon completion of the New Hire process this status will be auto-assigned to “Hired” on your behalf. 
  • “Block” is an applicant status,not an application status. To represent this more clearly we have adjusted our display. All blocked applicants will now appear on screen with an icon representing blocked status within each Application status tab. A filter has also been added for your preference to either show or hide these blocked applicants from your Qualify Applicant results.