Product Update | August 2018

New on Thursday, 8/16

Our team here at Dominion works hard to develop a high-quality product that helps our clients manage all their Payroll and HR processes with ease. Because of this, we are constantly releasing product updates that improve our software to make it more intuitive and user-friendly than ever. Read on to see what updates will be made on the evening of Thursday, August 16.  Be sure to also join us for a live demo we are holding on Wednesday, August 22nd at 11 AM that will dive into some of these changes in details. Register here.

Job Profiles

You will now have the option to create Job Profiles within the system that will allow you to document a Job Description and set Employee defaults for new hires. To set up these profiles, go to the Company tab, hover over the Organization menu and select Job Profiles. This page will list all of the Job Titles you have in the system. By clicking on a Job Title, you will see a page that details the Job Description. Here you can add a summary of the job, details about the skills and responsibilities, the job’s working conditions and a summary of the benefits that correspond with the job. By clicking over to the Employee Record tab, you will find details behind the job’s Classifications, Department, EEOC information, Benefits Eligibility, and Pay. Filling in the information within these two pages is optional, but will be the first step to increasing the efficiency of a number of your daily processes.

For example, when you add a new hire, if you provide a Job Title, our system will use the Job Profile setup to populate other fields for you. We will list any fields the Job Profile will populate so you’re aware of those additions, and you can make any overrides to the defaults as needed once the new hire is added. If the Job Profile has no defaults in place we will display a reminder to set up the Job Profile. If no Job Title is provided we will also recommend that you enter one.

If you decide to update the Job Title of a current employee within our system, you will be prompted to give permission to update the employee record with the corresponding Job Profile settings. We will display the fields that will be changed so you can make an informed decision.

Down the road, the Job Profiles will be the building blocks for additional enhancements that will improve the way our system functions and create an even more coherent product.

In addition to these Job Profiles, you will find a new, slimmed-down version of the Employee Profile that will allow you to create an employee record even if you don’t have all of the employee information yet.

Add Employee Screenshot.JPG

Applicant Tracking

Many improvements made to the software will be done to our Applicant Tracking System, including mobile optimization to the Job Board, Job Board Detail, and Applicant Account. There are a number of small improvements that will enhance the usability of this feature, but the most exciting update, however, is the ability to add your personal branding to your Job Board!

Settings and Brand Page On Photos.jpg

In addition to having the ability to add your company logo to your Applicant Tracking System, you can also create an About Us page to add to your Job Board in order to personalize the experience for your job candidates. What does this entail exactly? Well, essentially you can create a page that will have a company photo, a space where you can write an “about us” blurb, and your business’s website to link to further information. You can find where to set this up within the Applicant Tracking - Settings screen.

On this page, you can opt-in to have any or all of the above features added to the Job Board, preview the final result, and enable or disable the page. Keep in mind, applicants will be able to see the About Us page as soon as you enable it, so refrain from doing so until you’ve added all the desired information and previewed the page.

Other smaller improvements and bug fixes have been made to further improve functionality. These include:

  • A pop-up screen that allows you to access your Application Sections when setting up an application (if you’ve added additional sections into the system).
  • The ability to edit questions within the application, so long as the question has not been used for an application before.
  • An improved “copy Job Post” function.
  • A label on the Job Post listing screen that tells you whether you’re looking at an open or closed list of job posts.
  • An option to sort by date or user when viewing your Applicant Notes.


The New Hire process will integrate with the Job Profile through the selection of the Job Title. Any employee defaults within the Job Profile will auto-populate once a Job Title is given. You’ll also see a new Employee Task object labeled “Employee Bio.” This allows the employee to upload a profile picture and provide a brief summary about themselves to share with their peers. The Profile Picture will be optional unless stated otherwise within the Company Employee Self Service Options, in which case the photo upload is completely hidden.

Current employees will have access to add/edit their bio from within Employee Self Service and Company Administrators will have access to the Bio from the Employee Profile screen within the Personal section. It is not required to have your new hires fill out a bio and will not be visible to other employees at this time. Long term we hope to use this process to facilitate a Company Directory that is accessible to other employees as well as a New Hire introduction to the company or a designated department.

Time & Attendance

In addition to some improvements made to the user interface, you will notice that some menu items have changed for Time & Attendance. You can find those changes detailed on the following screenshot.

Time and Attendance Menu Changes.JPG


When setting up employee deductions, you can now have your Benefit Plans linked to specific deductions. This will reduce the list of Benefit Plans available. Some changes have also been made to the Payroll History page. In addition to being brought up to our current design standards, you’ll find the screen only shows one calendar year at a time. This will default to the current year when initially loaded. The Check Date determines the year in which a payroll history record belongs. We’ve also re-ordered the columns and updated the column labels as needed.

The important thing about these updates is that they are the first step in converting the screen to our upcoming Payroll Dashboard. We’re working on condensing the information so you only see relevant information, which will make it significantly easier when we decide to ultimately bring in dashboards.


Further progress has been made on our notification project. At this point, nothing is visible to Company Administrators, but the notification settings have been developed so we are on track to have this feature released to our clients down the road. Stay tuned for more updates!

UI Standards Project

With each release that comes out, we update more and more screens to meet our new UI standards. This will provide a more intuitive look and feel to the software. Some screens that have been updated include the Employee Import screen, Company Features, OSHA, Job Profile, and Payroll History screens, to name a few.

Lastly, some bug fixes have been applied to some Human Resources pages, Standard Reports and Leave Management.

As always, if you have any questions, you can reach out to our client solutions team at or by calling 616.248.3835.