Product Update: Company Resources Feature

On the evening of Thursday, March 9th, we will introduce a new feature called ‘Company Resources’. This feature will replace what has been traditionally known as our ‘Company Links’ option. Any links you currently have in our existing ‘Company Links’ feature will transfer over to ‘Company Resources’ with the same security levels in place.

The functionality of this feature has been designed to assist with Onboarding in order to ensure a smoother transition for your new employees. Utilizing this feature now will assist you down the road as further Onboarding releases take place.

To access ‘Company Resources’, you will go to the Company tab, click Organization, and select Company Resources. Here you can host any files you would like to make available to your employees or management. File options include documents, links, and videos. You will be able to select the level of security associated with each file. 

For example, if you want to make a document available only to your management team, you have that option. If a document should be accessible company-wide, you can choose that option as well. The security level will be based on the user type you selected when setting up your employee in payroll. Any file that that is only accessible by your management team will be hidden from the employee’s view. If all files in a folder are as such, the entire folder will not be seen by the employee.

If you wish to delete a folder, a pop-up window will allow you to relocate all of the files contained within that folder. These files will maintain the same level of security when they are transferred to the desired folder.

Once we make this feature available, your employees will have access to it through the ‘Resources’ button on the homepage of their employee self-service. This feature has merged the ‘Company Resources’ and ‘Personal Attachments’ locations into one, so the employee will have all of those files in one location. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Solutions team.

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