Product Update | Custom and Standard Reports

New on Thursday, February 8th

Dominion will be releasing an update to our software to make adjustments to Standard and Custom Reports, as well as some minor bug fixes. While there are a number of additional updates being made to our software, below are the specific changes we feel will impact our clients the most. Please read on to get further detail about the updates.

Custom Reports: Limiting Clauses

You now have the ability to select multiple values in a single limiting clause by using the “In” option. For example, if you have ten Cost Center Codes but want your report to reflect only three of those, you now have the ability to select the exact three you need without creating separate limiting clauses. You will be allowed to use multiple fields with this new method.


Standard Reports: Accrual Calculations

The Accrual Calculations report from the Payroll > Preview page is now available as a Standard Report once your preview is accepted. This report is named “Accrual Calculations.” Only accrual data from the evening of Thursday, February 8th and onward will be available on this report. Payroll dates preceding this date will not reflect this information.

Bug Fixes

The ability to add/edit an EEOC location address has been remedied, as previously the state field would not save. Other minor bug fixes have been implemented to increase usability and functionality of the software.

Want to watch a demo that covers the updates in detail? Click here!