Product Update: Group Scheduling

On 3/17/2016 Dominion Systems will be releasing updates to its Group Scheduling feature. The focus of this release is to create an easier process for scheduling employees within Dominion Systems’ group scheduling planner.

Group Scheduling Planner

For instances when changes are needed on the fly, we’ve expanded access to making adjustments within group scheduling from only company administrators to now supervisors as well. The supervisor role will remain limited in their capabilities to view employee information and only be able to set schedules for cost centers that have been assigned to their permissions. Access to the Group Scheduling Planner can be designated from the Supervisor Security page.

Added Information

Additional updates have also been added to the Group Scheduling Planner. You can now see employee job titles on the group scheduling screen along with holidays and personal time off requested by employees. This will assist in making employee schedules even easier to set or swap out while minimize scheduling conflicts.