Product Update: Hiring Workflow

Starting on Thursday, January 7th, you will notice some added features within our ‘Hiring Workflow’ portion of Applicant Tracking. These new features include updates to the user interface that we think you should be aware of.

Hiring Workflow Pop-Up

Now when you mark a candidate as hired you will see a small screen pop-up prompting you to enter additional information on your new employee. Please notice that some fields are required, while others are optional and can be added in at a later date. Once you complete the required fields, our system will convert the applicant level user to an employee level user. This change will allow the new employee to access the Employee Self Service portal with their current username and password. In addition, all applicant data will be retained as part of the employee permanent record.


If it is a current employee who is filling a position, your pop-up screen will look slightly different. This screen will prompt you to enter in additional information and upon saving your changes, will set a reminder in payroll to approve these changes at a desired time. 

Applicant Correspondence

Please note that once you click hire and complete the required fields for the new hire, the job posting will close, however, automatic correspondence will no longer be sent out to those who previously applied for this newly filled position. In order to send correspondence you will need to go to the ‘Applicant Search’ screen. From there you can either check off every applicant who applied and send a mass correspondence, or send individual correspondence to every applicant based on their stage in the process. 

Future Updates

As we continue to update our Applicant Tracking platform you can expect to see a field where you will be able to send correspondence to applicants right from the hiring step. Also in an upcoming release, clients with multiple codes will have the ability to assign the new hire to a specific client code.