Product Update | January Releases


We have added the ability to select Indiana and Ohio as a State W-4 selection. For both of these options to be enabled, you will need to reach out to us so our Tax Filing team can set it up for you. Once the setup is done, you will see the appropriate state selection. 

Indiana’s State W-4 includes State Tax and County Tax. The County Tax is based on the residence of the employee, or on the county of employment if they do not reside in Indiana. The County Tax will be added automatically on your behalf if it is a new client tax.

Ohio’s State W-4 includes State Tax and School District Tax. The employee will need to designate which School District they reside in. Our system will add the School District tax on your behalf if it’s a new client tax. 

Benefits Administration:

Benefit packages will be a new approach available to address which plans an employee is eligible for. Benefit packages can be set up within the software, and then plans can be assigned to one or more benefit packages. Once a benefits package is set up and plans are assigned to the package, employees can then be assigned to the benefits package. An employee will be considered eligible for a plan if the plan is assigned to the employee’s designated benefit package, or if the employee is marked as individually eligible for the plan.  

Benefit packages can be set up under the Benefits > Packages page or on the Eligibility page of the plan setup process. 

Additionally, as mentioned in a separate alert, we will be renaming the current Employee > Policies page and expanding the page to include additional employee information. The page will now be called “Benefit Eligibility”.  

In addition to the time off policy information which already shows on the page, you will also see a section called “Benefits”. This section will allow you to specify whether an employee is eligible to receive benefits and assign additional benefit eligibility information:

  • Benefits Eligible? – Specify whether the employee is eligible for benefits. This will default to ‘yes’.
  • Benefit Eligibility Date – Specify what date the employee is eligible for benefits. If left blank and the employee is marked as ‘yes’ eligible for benefits, the software will assume the employee is eligible for benefits currently.
  • Benefit Package – If applicable, assign the employee to a benefit package. At open enrollment and for life events, which plans the employee will be eligible for will be based on which plans the employee is marked individually eligible for and which plans are included in the benefit packages the employee is assigned to.
  • Tobacco User? – Specify whether the employee is a tobacco user. The employee will be able to edit or add this information during their enrollment process as well.

The new benefit fields on the Benefit Eligibility page will be available for customized and change history reporting. Additionally, the Benefit Package will be a field available to populate through our Global Changes feature.

Currently, our software has a field where you can input an eligibility date. With this release, you will see a new field called 'Benefit Eligibility Date'. If you are currently using the 'Eligibility Date' to note when your employees are eligible for benefits, we recommend transferring that information to the new "Benefit Eligibility Date' field. If you’re using that field for anything other than a Benefit Eligibility Date, feel free to continue doing so. 

Other Updates:

You will notice that the Summary Pay at a Glance screen now includes deductions associated with direct deposits in the totals.

Within the Pay Data Grid we have added a new way to designate whether an employee is salary exempt or salary non-exempt. If the employee is salary exempt, the pay data grid will show ‘SE’. If the employee is salary non-exempt, the pay data grid will show ‘S’.

A new date box has been added to the Employee Point Totals Report. This will allow you to run a report and look back to view the history of point totals. 

Within Leave Management, the filter for employee status will now default to ‘Active’ rather than ‘All’.

Salary exempt and Salary non-exempt are now options on the Change History report. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Client Solutions team.

Phone: 616.248.3835