Product Update: New Time & Attendance Feature

Dominion users who utilize Time & Attendance will have the option to add a new feature to their scheduling menu. You may not see this feature right away; in order to access it you will need to contact Client Solutions and ask for the feature to be turned on.

Added Functionality

The ‘Group Scheduling’ feature is broken down into two parts, the planner and scheduler:

Planner - You can find the planner section on the right hand side of your screen. This portion of ‘Group Scheduling’ will allow upper management to plan the schedule and create time slots for various departments. For example, management can decide how many people are needed on a given day and at what times. 

You can edit schedules from this area by clicking on the desired date and changing the time and/or quantity of people needed.

Scheduler - The scheduler will allow managers and those who actually draft employee schedules to fill open slots within the schedule. Managers can simply click an open time slot and assign the shift to the employee’s name. As shown below, ‘Monday 8:00am-5:00pm’ is highlighted. 

To assign that shift to an employee you will simply click the employee’s name, then save and publish the schedule. Once the schedule has been published it can be seen by employees.