Product Update | November 9th, 2017

New on Thursday, November 9th

There will be a number of improvements and adjustments made to our software with Dominion’s latest product update, which will take into effect on the evening of Thursday, November 9th. Read below to see what has changed.

Applicant Tracking

One of the smaller updates you’ll find within our Applicant Tracking software is that we have added a new field to the posting record to identify a Posting Owner. This is not going to affect much at the moment but will open the door for some exciting changes down the road.

Now, when the applicant is prompted as to whether or not they have graduated, they will have the option to select “In Progress” in addition to the “yes” and “no” options currently in place.

Structural Changes

Within the Employee Deduction screen, you can now add a Company Vendor and edit existing vendors from the same button.

The Employee Attachments have been converted to look similar to the updated Company Resources page. This change will only take place on the Admin side, as our Employee Self Service already displays the page in this manner.

An Effective Date field has been added so you can update that at the same time as a Global Rate Change.

If you have access to more than one client, the tasklist setup view will extend to all client codes. These task lists are interchangeable in how they are set up and used.


Within your Onboarding setup, you can now customize your Welcome message for your new hire. If you choose not to create your own message, the standard Dominion message will be used automatically. Setup is found within the Onboarding Dashboard under Onboarding options.

Your employees are now granted the option to have an electronic pay stub emailed to them after every payroll. If you allow for PayCards to be administered to your employees, they can elect to have a PayCard be their preferred payment method. This will create a new Admin Task to remind the administrator to set up this payment method for the employee.


Lastly, the Company Menu has been changed to reflect a more intuitive layout for our users. Some items were moved to different tier points in the menu while others were regrouped under proper submenus. 

The main menu items listed on the left and the subheadings on the right.

The main menu items listed on the left and the subheadings on the right.


If you have any questions regarding any of the updates, please feel free to reach out to our client solutions team at or by calling 616.248.3835.