Product Update: Onboarding

We are excited to announce the newest release for our Onboarding feature. Newly hired employees will now have the ability to set up their direct deposit information while going through the Onboarding process. 

To enable this feature, you will have go to Company -> Organizations --> ESS Options. Below you can see there are three payment types you can enable: checks, direct deposits and/or paycards. Once the applicable options are checked, you can choose how many direct deposit accounts the new hire has the ability to set up. Please note that if your company does not offer direct deposit, this feature will not be available.

Employee ESS Options

You will also notice there is an additional page included when setting up a new hire. The first page will look exactly the same, which largely consists of adding the employee’s general information. However, the second page is now dedicated to you choosing the self-onboarding options for your new hire. Here you will click “Add to Work Flow” for any pages you would like your new hire to complete. “Payment Preference” is the box you will check if you would like to offer your employee the option of setting up Direct Deposits. Your elections will be highlighted in teal. 


The third and final page included when setting up a new hire is where you create your welcome message. 

If your new hire would like to add additional accounts, they simply click the link at the bottom saying “Click here to set up multiple direct deposit accounts.” This will give them the opportunity to add a second account with a flat dollar amount for how much they would like deposited. You will notice that under the “Amount” column for their primary account, it has changed from “Full Amount” to “Remainder,” which simply means the amount after the secondary flat rate is taken out will go into their primary account. 

Payment Preference

When your new hire receives their welcome email, the process will run almost exactly the same as before, except for one additional step. They will now have the option to choose between receiving the methods of payments you opted to include in your set up. If they choose check or pay card, there will simply be a message stating: “If you would like to change your payment method at any time, please speak with your employer.” However, if they choose direct deposit, they will be able to input their routing number, account number, and checking or savings preference. In the instance below, the employer does not offer pay cards, so the option is not visible for the new hire. 

Employee Payment Preference