Product Update: Onboarding

New on June 2, 2017

We are adding a new section of data to input on the first screen of the 'Add New Hire' process within Onboarding. The new section consists of all related 'Employment Data' such as job title, division, and department. Now on that first screen, you’ll see something like this:

In addition to this added section, on the same screen, you’ll find that you now have the ability to add up to 5 different rates for your new employee if they fall under the hourly pay type.

The second implementation we have created is a repeatable task lists for employers to use. This will allow you to set up a Task List that can be reused as needed for new hires. You will set these task lists by going under the Onboarding Options area on the top right of your screen and selecting Task Lists.

Once in the Task Lists area you will be able to create as many new task lists as you need, or edit your existing lists.

When you go to create tasks for a new hire, you’ll now have the ability to either import your pre-made task list or simply add your own tasks like you do now. You also have a third option, which is to import a task list and change those tasks (or add new ones) for that specific employee. This will allow you to have set task lists for your new hires that can be customized as necessary.

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