Product Update: Payroll Preview and Control Screen

Preview Critical Errors

Another update we’re sure everyone is going to be very excited to see is a notification of critical errors prior to running a payroll preview.

In the screenshot above, you’ll see an example of a critical error warning. This won’t allow the preview to generate and signals that you need to correct any critical error you may have made.

Adjusting to the acceptable number will nullify the critical error and allow you to run your payroll preview. This will prevent a lot of stress and uncertainty when running your payroll.

Control Screen Update

The control screen now features a warning for clients whose pay date falls on a bank holiday. Should you have a pay date fall on a bank holiday you will now see a warning which says ‘Your check date is on a holiday. You must either change your check date or acknowledge your direct deposits will be delayed.’ Also there will be a checkbox labeled ‘Acknowledgement this is a bank holiday’.

If there is not adequate time between the payroll run date and the check date you will receive another additional pop-up warning on the preview screen. This will allow you to better plan for holidays that conflict with your check date.

The added functionality of our software will allow you to better prepare your payroll and ensure your employees are paid on time.