Product Update: September 26th, 2019

In addition to general site maintenance, we’ve made system wide updates and added new features. We've added two notifications available to all clients. Leave Management has some key updates to highlight; Applicant Tracking has new features available for clients using this product. Beginning January 1 2020, Dominion will no longer support IE 11 and older. For the best Dominon experience, we recommend using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Microsoft is phasing out support for IE as well. You can read more about the documentation here. If you have any questions, please contact Client Solutions or your Account Representative. 

Company: Notification Settings / New Features

In the new Human Resources category, you'll find two new notifications available for Company Admins to activate; Employee Birthdays and Employee Work Anniversaries. The Employee Birthdays email sends every Sunday evening at 10 pm. The Employee Work Anniversaries email sends every Sunday evening at 10:30 pm. Both of these new notifications replace the need to run a report, though the reports are still an option.


Applicant Tracking: New Features

Applicants can now add skills to their applications. This section is activated on an Application as a part of Applicant History. It is optional for the applicant to fill out but allows the applicant to list relevant skills, rate the skill (on a 5 star scale), and indicate how many years experience. Any skills listed appear with their rating on the application as part of the Applicant Profile. Skills are also a filter on the Qualify Applicants page under the + Options in the Keyword Search field. 

In order to better evaluate applicants, Admins can enter a rating for each applicant on the Applicant Profile. The ratings are on a per application basis, allowing you to rate an applicant differently if they applied to more than one job post. The Comments section on the Applicant Profile page records who entered the rating for that applicant. Once a rating is indicated on the Applicant Profile, the rating displays on the Qualify Applicants page and is sortable. Ratings are also available under the +Options filter on the Qualify Applicants page. 


Below is a diagram of the new Applicant Profile page. This page was previously titled Qualify Applicants. The screen title has moved to the top of the page in order to bring the applicant information closer to the document preview window and comments section. 



A new preview report is available, the Preview Earning Register. This report is grouped by earnings and lists employee name and number, earnings, and hours. This report can output as either an Excel file or PDF


A default list of feedback items is now available for you to use on evaluations. Similar to the competency library, you may select the ones you’d like to use and edit them to fit your needs. 

All column headers on the schedule tab of the Performance Manager are now sortable. 

Custom Reports

Direct Supervisor is now available as an option when creating custom reports. 

Leave Management

Leave Management requests are now editable by employees, allowing an edit to be made up to the day of the event but not after it has occurred. Employees can go in and edit information as needed to their request, even if it has been approved. Requests that are not cancelled by the employee will revert back to a Pending status and will need to be reviewed for approval. Notifications will be sent out again as well. This feature only works on future requests; historical records remain intact.

Leave Management request notifications from employees now contain the date of the request if requested from a mobile device

Time & Attendance

Within Group Scheduling, the Set Recurring Schedule was updated to remove any employees that are not scheduled. This allows you to focus only on scheduled employees.

Recurring Schedules now allows you to mark a schedule as “inactive” to hide it from view. Once marked, the schedule has a “-inactive” flag at the end of its name. The drop down list of schedules has been organized alphabetically to show active schedules first and followed by inactive schedules.

For Leave Management clients, the Quick Benefit option will not display earnings tied to a Time Policy. This change was necessary to prevent users from bypassing our Leave Management rules. These rules control the amount of time allowed for Time Off Requests. All other earnings display in the list as they did before.

Employee: Employee Tax Screen

We updated our system to wait in creating a State Tax Withholding record until the full employee address has been entered.